Average daily rate

Definition: Hotel revenue divided by the number of rooms sold. Hotels use this measure to calculate the average price at which they are booking hotels each night. So, if a hotel made $50, and sold rooms, its ADR would be / = $

Although the majority of the economic indicators are moving positively in the domestic market, the global uncertainty triggered by a slowing China still remains a concern for the hotel stock prices. An underwriter works closely with the issuing body to determine the offering price of the securities, buys them from the issuer and sells them to investors via the underwriter's distribution network. The company had filed for suspension of payments as a form of protection from creditors, and an interim receiver would be appointed by a court.

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What is the meaning / definition of ARR in the hospitality industry? ARR stands for: Average Room Rate. It is a hotel KPI which measures the average rate per available room - similarly to ADR.

What gets measured gets done — an old adage that is more relevant today than it ever has been. Managing a successful hotel has to be one of the most challenging jobs due to the sheer volume of responsibilities required.

With so many departments and so many people that you have responsible for it can be very difficult to find the time to review your performance. Key Performance Indicators for hotels are select measurements that really matter for lasting success and we examine a few of the most important ones below. It is very much in your interest to get as many online reviews as possible — good and bad.

Reviews are not only valuable in the way that guests select hotels based on the quality of the review, but they are also useful critical feedback that you can base improvements on. Negative reviews while having an initial negative impact give you the opportunity to take corrective action so that the next time the review will be better.

The most critical and simplest measure of performance for hotels in the occupancy rate. Measured as the percentage of available rooms occupied over a specific period of time. Measured simply as the average price paid per room on a given day.

Works well in isolation as an ongoing performance metric. The ADR is most useful when compared to previous periods or seasons to identify performance. REVPAR is a very useful measure of performance and it is also one that needs to viewed in the correct context. Connect directly to roomMaster for bill-to-room, and it works great with our touch-screen PC's. Automatically manage your rates and inventory, plus import reservations into roomMaster from Expedia, Booking.

InnQuest provides you with top-notch yield management tools to help you maximize revenue. With almost years of combined hospitality management expertise, we understand your business is complex.

That's why our technology is crafted to make managing every facet of your business simple. Our all-in-one property management solution empowers you to orchestrate a great experience that attracts guests, drives customer loyalty, and increases your profits. The demo download of the software is genius. Once I was able to see and actually use the software I was hooked.

I didn't have to trust or rely on anyone's opinion of whether it would fit our needs I knew it would because I had already configured it for our property and tested it. We haven't sacrificed a bit by replacing our more expensive systems with roomMaster. In fact, we are much better off! The software was thousands of dollars less than our previous software package, but is actually more powerful, and much easier to use.

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