High End CPUs - Intel vs AMD

The age-old battle between AMD and Intel rages on. The sun is starting to set on 12 and 14nm architecture so the company that can perfect 7 or 10nm first will hold a massive advantage.

AMD typically provides better multi-threading performance, as a result of higher core and thread counts. Where Intel has focused on higher clock speeds and efficiency with low core counts, AMD has focused on upping its core counts and boosting multi-threaded performance. Performance If you want the best processing performance you should opt for Intel chips. Find the perfect Monitor for your system. However, Intel processors also tend to be more expensive than their AMD counterparts — something to be mindful of if you're on a budget or are simply looking for a cost-effective option.


High End CPUs - Intel vs AMD This chart comparing high end CPUs is made using thousands of PerformanceTest benchmark results and is updated daily. These are the high end AMD and Intel CPUs are typically those found in newer computers.

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FAQ's Frequently asked questions. Intel Xeon E v5 3. Intel Xeon EL v5 3. Intel Xeon EM v6 3. Intel Xeon EM v5 2. Intel Xeon EL v5 2. Intel Core iHQ 3. Intel Xeon EL v3 3. Intel Core iMX 3. Intel Core iEQ 2. Intel Xeon E V2 3. Intel Core iT 1. Intel Core iS 3. Intel Xeon EL v2 1. Intel Core iMQ 2. Intel Core iXM 3. AMD Ryzen 5 G. Intel Core iXM 2. Intel Core iU 1. Intel Core iG 2. Intel Xeon X 3. Intel Core iQM 2. Intel Core iTE 2.

Intel Xeon EL 1. Intel Xeon X 2. Intel Core iEQ 1. Intel Xeon EL V2 2. Intel Core iT 3. AMD Ryzen 3 X. Intel Core iR 2. AMD Ryzen 7 U. Intel Core iQE 2. AMD Ryzen 3 G. AMD Ryzen 5 U. Intel Core iP 2. Intel Core iS 2. Intel Xeon E 1. Intel Xeon E v4 1. Both Intel and AMD have on-chip graphics cards available for some of their processors.

These on-chip cards are suitable for mid-level gaming and AMD has an edge over Intel in this. If you are a hardcore gamer then you must go for a dedicated graphics card. Clock speed It is one important parameter to be considered while comparing processors. Processors are locked at a particular clock speed, but there is always scope for improvement. Increasing clock speed can boost the performance of the processor.

Both Intel and AMD support overclocking. Overclocking requires a good cooling system. The i7- K is capable of handling the 4. Design and Support The compatibility with different hardware is another factor that needs to be considered.

Intel has an upper hand in compatibility with other hardware. But in the design of the hardware AMD chip are more sensible. Price It is one of the major factors while choosing the right processor. AMD chips are generally cheaper as compared to their Intel counterparts. In a nutshell we can say that both the companies are having a cut throat competition with each other.

The technological gap between the Intel and AMD is diminishing as time is moving ahead. However, the competition is not going to end so soon.

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