Online Master of Laws (LLM) and Certificate Programs

This LLM programme can be studied full time or part time and offers start dates in September and January. We take a scholarly yet practical approach to expand your legal education. Even though these programs below are online, many of them are not cheaper than actual, in-person LLM programs.

LLM in International Commercial Law and Practice

As the legal profession becomes increasingly globalized, earning a Master of Laws degree in U. Law from USC Gould proves that you can excel in a multilingual setting. Earning a law degree from USC Gould is a powerful credential that you can use to your career advantage.

In fact, adding a USC credential to a resume can help make a great first impression even before your interview, helping you get the job and salary you want.

In addition to helping me learn about the U. Our graduates work around the world in private law firms, government agencies, public interest firms and corporations. We take a scholarly yet practical approach to expand your legal education. Our LLM program offers a comprehensive, flexible platform on which to build your course of study as well as your legal career. Each of the certificates can be finished in as few as twelve months. With a distinguished year heritage of leadership and excellence, USC Gould School of Law is known to be highly selective and recognized as one of the top law schools in the world.

Fostering a vibrant culture of public service, USC Gould encourages students to cross disciplinary and geographic boundaries in their pursuit of knowledge. At USC Gould, you can join others from around the world intent on making a positive contribution to the legal field. The curriculum at USC Gould is taught by faculty members who make themselves accessible because they are personally invested in your success.

Skip to main content. This will only take a minute. Which degree or certificate are you interested in? Please select an option Master of Laws LL. I am not sure Concord refunds your tuition if you drop out — I am guessing they do not.

Now, if you already have a juris doctor and are already a practicing lawyer, and you want to add a masters of law LLM to your resume, there are many more programs out there. Review those programs with a careful and open eye. Even though these programs below are online, many of them are not cheaper than actual, in-person LLM programs. Most return to their home countries and keep their classmates around the world as potential referrals and networking contacts.

In any case, if you want to get an LLM from one of the best online law schools, these are the programs I recommend. Indeed, these are degrees offered by very prestigious schools. Do you have any thoughts on these online programs? Add your two cents below or send a tweet with the hashtag lawschoolhacker. Park, a pseudonym, is a tutor and consultant to law students and recent graduates alike. Manny went to a top 10 college and top 10 law school, graduating in the top 10 percent but not in the real top He clerked a couple of times, never on the 10th Circuit, and worked at a top 10 law firm by the AmLaw A-List, not Vault for many years, but not His recent tutoring students have done awesomely, like in the top 10 at top 10 schools.

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