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About iShares China Large-Cap ETF iShares China Large-Cap ETF is an exchange-traded fund incorporated in the USA. The ETF tracks the FTSE China 50 Index, investing in large cap stocks.

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Our Company and Sites. United States Select location. The performance quoted represents past performance and does not guarantee future results. Overall, Anglo employs more than permanent staff and contractors worldwide. Due to weakening economic conditions and commodity prices globally, Anglo American has been forced to reposition the company , holding assets in less important sectors for sale. The company will buy into its leading positions in the platinum, diamond and copper industries.

These have been identified as assets which are long-life, competitive and well-positioned for organic growth. Overall, asset number has decreased from 65 in to 45 today. This is in line with a forecast of a gradually strengthening economic environment, slightly stabilised commodity prices and better conditions for trade. After a steady decline on the live online stocks chart, Anglo American share price slumped to the lowest point in history at Anglo American share price has however recovered, indicating strides made by the new cost-cutting initiatives and a more focused portfolio.

The strategic plan has been implemented by a very capable management team who are capable of mitigating negative impacts by focusing on areas such as platinum, diamond and copper. Shareholders cannot expect significant dividends or returns just yet , as the business grapples with the challenging environment in most of its markets. Financial performance is likely to continue being under par for the foreseeable future, making Anglo American shares a volatile purchase at present.

First listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE in , Steinhoff International has today grown into a diversified retailer, manufacturer and sourcer of furniture, household goods and merchandise for sale in Africa, Europe and Australasia. Steinhoff shares are now for sale under a secondary listing on the JSE. In Australasia , Steinhoff owns more than other outlets. The car rental group Hertz , as well as diversified vehicle seller Unitrans , are also owned by the group.

Globally, the group has more than 40 brands trading in shops. The primary listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange FSE will also allow Steinhoff to enhance access to global capital markets, expand European operations and source new opportunities to buy into. The live online stocks chart shows incredible growth in Steinhoff share price. Steinhoff is an extremely diversified company and is therefore shielded from difficulties in any one market.

Steinhoff share price has done nothing but rise over the past few years, despite the unstable global economy. Investment analysts forecast that Steinhoff shares will once again outperform the market for the foreseeable future, making Steinhoff an extremely promising purchase. Top asset management companies have been recommending Steinhoff as one of the best shares to buy. This was one of the largest transactions in the history of local financial services.

With FirstRand shares listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE and the Namibian Stock Exchange , the group is one of the largest financial institutions in South Africa, offering an all-ecompassing variety of financial services ranging from corporate, investment, retail, personal and commercial banking, to installment finance, insurance and investment management.

FirstRand operates in eight other African countries: The group also has offices in India, China, Dubai and London. FirstRand aims to deliver long-term franchise value and superior FirstRand share price growth within acceptable levels of volatility , with this vision driven by two growth strategies: Overall profit growth was however muted somewhat by the challenging economic environment in key markets. Despite this, FNB grew its presence in existing and new markets on the back of innovative products and delivery channels, particularly from electronic and digital platforms.

FirstRand has high levels of surplus capital for investment across the African continent, allowing it to expand its geographic reach and revenue streams, to the benefit of those who buy the shares. In response to an increasingly pressured economy in South Africa, FirstRand has announced that it will close some branches and focus on cost efficiencies. The live online stocks chart shows that FirstRand share price has suffered as a result.

Shareholders did however receive a solid Growth is anticipated to be slow in the near to medium term, but FirstRand shares have proven to be resilient and able to recover from slumps. The global powerhouse that is Sasol was established in the s, when the original coal-to-liquids complex at Sasolburg in South Africa started producing synthetic fuels and chemicals.

Today, Sasol is an international chemicals and energy company that employs more than 30 people in 36 countries. Sasol has been a pioneer in innovation ever since it was established , and is well known for its technological capacity, world-scale facilities, and high value product portfolio that includes liquid fuels, chemicals and low-carbon electricity. Sasol is currently a dual-listed stock, as it listed on the New York Stock Exchange in Sasol Mining runs six coal mines that supply coal for the Secunda Sasol Synfuels and Sasolburg complexes.

Coal is also exported from the Twistdraai Export Plant to a variety of international power generation customers. Sasol has an extensive reach in the United States , with chemical operations located in six states, as well as in Eurasia, with production facilities in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Italy, the United Kingdom and China. The group has been expanding its footprint throughout the world by partnering with major international projects.

Sasol has managed to revamp its business model to two upstream business units, three regional operating hubs, and four customer-facing strategic business units, supported by fit-for-purpose functions, making the business model leaner and more efficient. The live online stocks chart shows that Sasol share price hit a record high of R Since then, the company has been struggling with lower oil costs which have forced it to cut thousands of jobs and close some operations. Sasol share price growth has therefore been largely stagnant over the past few years.

However, a rising in oil prices in has coincided with an increased willingness to buy the shares. The consensus forecast amongst investment analysts is that the share is currently undervalued and could outperform the market in the near future, meaning that Sasol shares may be a surprisingly good purchase today, especially when coupled with the good dividends generally paid out by the company. This bank underwent mergers with several South African banks in , and financed and developed the Kimberley diamond fields in After being renamed to Standard Bank of South Africa , the group became the first bank to open a branch in the Witwatersrand gold fields.

In , after the bank had spread across Africa, the South African operations were formed into a subsidiary and simply renamed Standard Bank. Today, the group operates in 20 African countries and 12 overseas countries, whilst employing more than 54 people.

The group is split into three business units: ICBC — the largest bank in the world —is a Shareholders enjoyed return on equity of The banks two other business units had more muted growth, but still managed to turn good profits from both local and international operations. This is forecast to significantly boost willingness to buy the stocks and increase Standard Bank share price. Standard Bank shares are however starting to track an upward line on the live online stocks chart, and are touted as a good value-for-money purchase.

Established as M-Cell in , the MTN Group is a South African multinational mobile telecommunications company which has evolved into one of the largest groups in its sector. Globally, the group has over million subscribers.

MTN group is confident that their operations will continue benefiting from strong growth in data together with their many investments and related activities in the digital space. This will be underpinned by organic growth, partnerships and acquisitions and will position the group to become the leading digital player across its markets over the next few years. MTN continues anticipating the resolution of the ongoing suspension of regulatory services which continues to restrict emerging tariff plans and promotions for MTN Nigeria.

The continued easing of sanctions in Iran and related economic uplift in that country has continued offering significant opportunities to expand servic es, particularly in the digital space where the group commands a strong market position.

MTN has managed to successfully migrate voice bearer interfaces to internet protocol , hence improving scalability and network simplicity. Significant amounts have been invested in building its transmission infrastructure, including submarine cables and fibre optic cables to buy into improved broadband capacity and link South Africa and the east coast of Africa to Europe.

MTN share price has been battling to recover ever since and growth in established markets has been relatively slow compared to previous years, with investors cautious to buy the shares. MTN has however established itself as a global player and MTN shares should make some gains in the future as the company expands its product offerings. MTN shares could therefore be a bargain buy at present, as they are currently undervalued.

From a humble history which started in South Africa, Vodacom has expanded its mobile network business to Mozambique, Lesotho, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The group also offers business-managed services for sale to enterprises in more than 40 African countries, through Vodacom Business Africa.

The group recorded revenue of more than R80 billion in the financial year and has a market cap of more than R billion on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE , with Vodacom share price enjoying a prosperous track record of growth. The group experienced good growth in the financial year, with operating profits up by This was despite customer regulation requirements in Mozambique and the DRC, which reduced the international active customer base by 8.

Vodacom is confident that the strategies it has decided to buy into to differentiate its network experience, proactively change pricing and offer customers more value through segmented and personalised pricing, will continue to sustain revenue growth.

The group expects that demand for mobile data will continue to grow strongly in line with smart devices becoming more accessible, and is accelerating investment in networks to capitalise on this future demand. The markets in which Vodacom operates are highly competitive , and challenged by regulatory and macroeconomic risks. The buy in of new customers in South Africa is expected to remain under pressure in the near term, and Vodacom is not expected to enjoy explosive growth. The live online stocks chart, however, shows that Vodacom share price has enjoyed tremendous growth in the past five years, doubling in value.

Vodacom is an historically strong share which continues to deliver steady gains for shareholders who purchase them. Vodacom shares are considered to be a solid buy which delivers good yields in the long term. Old Mutual was established in Cape Town in as the first mutual life insurance company in South Africa.

Today, the group is a diversified insurance, investment, savings and banking services provider with Old Mutual consists of four main businesses: Old Mutual provides the full portfolio of financial services to both personal and corporate clients. Following the appointment of new CEO Bruce Hemphill in , Old Mutual initiated a strategic review and formed a new strategy to separate its four underlying businesses by the end of All four of the divisions had benefited from significant capital investment and were registering strong performance in sizeable markets, but there were found to be limited synergies between them, which hampered growth in Old Mutual share price.

Management has said that the separation of the group will be effected in a manner that maximises value to shareholders over time, but details of exactly how this will happen are yet to be confirmed. Commentators suggest that Old Mutual may shrink down to a company focused on South Africa and emerging markets banking and insurance , with shares available to buy through a primary listing on the JSE and a strategic minority stake in Nedbank.

With Old Mutual not having released many details about the separation process, there is currently uncertainty about the prospects of the company and Old Mutual share price. Current shareholders may see good profits coming from the sale of key aspects of the company though.

The South African and emerging market businesses, which will form the basis of Old Mutual in the future, have been performing well and recording positive growth. This should give investors the confidence to purchase Old Mutual shares. This company has more than 10 million enrolled clients across India and Africa. Sanlam is well known for lending services in the following fields: Sanlam shares have a history of producing good returns for those who purchase them , while the company focuses on providing regular dividends to its shareholders.

The group is achieving strong performance in the affluent market , and the buy in of investment portfolio manager Glacier will further enhance current product solutions in line with regulatory changes such as retirement reform.

There was also an aggressive focus on ease of doing business for intermediaries and the end client. Improving risk business sales in the middle and affluent markets have been a special focus area to buy into. This was achieved through product enhancements, underwriting and process improvements, improved product support and training. Sanlam Sky , which offers a wide portfolio of simple and affordable financial solutions, has the potential to deliver good growth despite economic challenges.

This business will grow its agency and affiliated intermediary footprint as well as group relationships. Expanding the product range in line with client needs is another focus area. MiWay Insurance is a direct general insurance company owned by Sanlam and has had very encouraging performance. More growth is expected from this affordable insurance company, which should benefit Sanlam share price and encourage investors to buy the shares. Sanlam shares have always been a popular buy on the JSE , and Sanlam share price should continue its upward rise.

South32 is a globally diversified metals and mining company with high-quality and well maintained operations mining and producing bauxite, alumina, aluminium, energy and metallurgical coal, manganese, nickel, silver, lead and zinc in Australia, South Africa and South America.

The roots of South32 are in the Southern Hemisphere, with a head office in Perth and regional hubs in Perth and Johannesburg. Management of South32 Marketing is based in Singapore , with offices in London to support customers in Europe, the Middle East and Atlantic regions and in South Africa and Australia to service their domestic customers.

A fully integrated marketing function allows the group to deliver a differentiated sales proposition to its customers relative to other producers and enables South32 to optimise its supply chain to meet customer needs. South32 aims to maintain financial discipline and optimise its portfolio to deliver sector leading shareholder returns and a rising South32 share price. The group is seeking to optimise the performance of its existing assets, without venturing too much into new acquisitions at this stage.

Prudent management has seen South32 managing to control and streamline costs, with the live online stocks chart showing that South32 share price has performed better than most other stocks in the sector.

Polled investment analysts are advising investors to hold their position in the company while commodity prices make a turnaroun d.

The company is still trying to negotiate the strong trade winds by developing a more streamlined business model, so there is still some uncertainty as to the future for those who buy South32 shares.

It forms a part of the Old Mutual Group. The group provides transactional, corporate and investment banking services to a diverse client base including leading corporations, financial institutions, state owned entities and governments in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

The group is split into four major divisions: The group has also decided to buy into partnerships in West and Central Africa. Outside Africa the group has established a presence in key global financial centres, providing international financial services for SA-based multinational and high-net-worth clients in the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey and London, Toronto and Dubai. The group has approximately 7. Despite the tough economic and business environment in South Africa and emerging economies in Africa, Nedbank has managed to maintain solid performance , with headline earnings coming in at a record R Most important of these is the alliance that was formed with Ecobank in Nedbank share price has suffered due to economic certainty in its main market, but the group is continuing to deliver strong dividends and solid increases in net asset value per share.

Growth is expected to be slower in the short-term, but a strong management team and good strategies are in place to mitigate the effects of economic instability. For sale on the JSE , Nedbank shares are currently an attractively priced purchase and offer good investment value, with great potential upside once economic conditions improve slightly.

Barclays started out as a goldsmith banking business in London in In , James Barclay joined the business as a partner. Several years later in , a group of banks in London and in the English provinces united to form a joint-stock bank called Barclays and Co.

The group offers a portfolio of products and services for personal and business banking, credit card facilities, corporate and investment banking, portfolio investment, wealth and investment management, and insurance. The group has grown to service Barclays Africa share price continues to remain pressured due to the unstable global economy, but is still a popular share to buy and trade. The forecast from polled investment analysts who advised that Barclays Africa would outperform the market earlier in the year, has deteriorated, with analysts now advising investors to hold their position in the company.

Very few are recommending that investors buy Barclays Africa shares. Barclays recently reduced its stake in Barclays Africa Group , by putting shares up for sale and selling This is part of a plan for Barclays to raise cash, shrink on a global basis and lessen capital burdens.

With current uncertainty as to the future of the group, confidence in the purchase of Barclays Africa shares has been hampered, with Barclays Africa share price erratic. Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited is a global supplier of branded and generic pharmaceuticals and nutritional products in selected territories. Aspen has a proud history of more than years, operating in more than countries across the world. In Aspen was already the largest generic medicine distributor in South Africa, when Boehringer, Ingelheim and GlaxoSmithKline filed anti-competitive charges against the company.

After this, Aspen was granted licenses from the companies to create generic versions of antiretrovirals ARV for sale to governments in Sub-Saharan Africa. The group has 26 manufacturing facilities, with an active presence in 76 countries on all 6 habitable continents. Aspen manufactures approximately 23 billion tablets annually. Areas of focus for Aspen in the latest financial year included lowering the cost for the anti-coagulant portfolio, improving margins in infant nutritionals, bringing new manufacturing capacity and technologies online, building the third party API business and leveraging intellectual property that Aspen recently made moves to buy.

The value created by these initiatives is expected to grow progressively after , with a resultant rise in Aspen share price.

Aspen is aiming to earn an additional R2. Finished dose form pharmaceutical sales to healthcare providers comprised R6. Aspen share price has risen from R in , to more than R in , making Aspen shares a profitable purchase for JSE investors. As of May , the consensus forecast amongst 12 polled investment analysts covering Aspen Pharmacare advised that the company will outperform the market. The company expects that new acquisitions, capital investments and a branching out into international markets will start to reap dividends for shareholders and investors within a few years.

Shareholders will therefore be well advised to hold onto their shares in anticipation for this, whilst new investors should be encouraged to buy Aspen shares. This giant group today operates in corporate and franchise outlets in 15 countries across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Shoprite has a history of providing quality food and household items to buy at some of the most affordable prices possible, with a goal to target consumers of all income levels.

The group has a massive annual turnover of more than R billion. The brand has become immensely popular and renowned for its affordability and mass market appeal. Growth has also been driven by catering not only to low income markets, but also high and middle income groups. An ambitious and quick expansion has led to the group becoming the th largest retailer in the world, 41 places ahead of its nearest African rival.

Despite a difficult financial year due to the global and local economic crises, the group managed to increase sales by The group managed to contain internal food inflation at 4. Meanwhile, the group continues to buy into its geographical distribution across Africa, has managed to open new stores and increase its employment base. This all signals a very healthy company which has a proven ability to weather a negative financial forecast and maintain Shoprite share price and dividends.

The live online stocks chart shows a stable Shoprite share price for the past five years. Investors who purchase Shoprite shares will most likely see good long-term returns on investment. Today, the group boasts a staff complement of around 25 employees, with operations stretching across 30 countries. Since then the company has grown through the purchase of numerous other businesses and expansions into Europe and Russia.

In South Africa, the company currently manages more than hectares of forestry plantations, directly employs over 1 people and has a contractor base of more than 15 people.

Since , the company has made significant capital investments to ensure its mills maintain international standards of product quality, competitive costing and environmental management. These include the automotive, building and construction, chemicals, agriculture, food and beverages, medical, pharmaceutical, pet care and home and personal care industries. Mondi registered excellent financial performance in The company is continuing with its portfolio optimisation and refinement, whilst a number of acquisitions have been made recently which will further enhance the company.

Six operations were closed in and four were sold to optimise cost structure and refine product mix. In line with the recent slowing of the South African economy and the weakness of the rand, the live online stocks chart shows that Mondi share price hit a slump in early , but the losses have been relatively minimal.

Whilst there is currently some weakening of markets for certain packaging paper grades, this is being offset by firmer prices in the European markets following recent industry capacity rationalisation.

With significant capital resources, the company steadily started diversifying into other sectors and began to gain an international foothold. Remgro itself was incorporated in following a major restructuring of the Rembrandt Group. Today, Remgro is an investment holding company with shares for sale in the Diversified Industrials sector of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE , with a vast portfolio that includes investments in food, liquor and home care; banking; healthcare; insurance; financial; industrial; infrastructure as well as media and sport.

The group currently includes more than 30 investee companies. Their major profitable activities are focused mainly on the management of investments and the provision of support rather than being involved in the day-to-day management of business units of investees. Non-subsidiary investments are made up of both listed and unlisted companies that are not controlled by Remgro and which are mostly associated companies due to significant influence and board representation.

Working with its decentralized investment philosophy, Remgro achieves growth in its investees through active strategic, managerial or financial support or creating an environment conducive to deal-making. Remgro also focuses on boosting the sustainability of companies through the identification of market trends and new technology which can impact on busineses.

Remgro further minimises shareholder risk through its exceptionally diverse portfolio, which allows it to weather difficult times in certain markets. The group continues to have large capital resources which allow it to buy majority shares in a wide variety of companies. The live online stocks chart shows that the firing of Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene in December had a negative effect on Remgro share price, but the company has since made good gains.

Investment analysts are currently predicting that Remgro share price will outperform the market, hinting that these are good shares to purchase at present. Core businesses in the financial sector are expected to bounce back in the near future, restoring confidence to buy Remgro shares, whilst other businesses such as Mediclinic are also forecast to record strong performances.

With shares listed for sale on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange JSE in , the bank is renowned for its affordability and simplified model of banking, which has received superb buy in from clients of all income levels. The bank is also the first in South Africa to offer clients branch banking over weekends, with branches open on both Saturday and Sunday.

Capitec believes in harnessing the power of technology to make banking easier and more convenient. The bank offers all-inclusive solutions such as Global One , which enables clients to transact, save and access credit in real-time. Capitec also offers personal money management and business banking services.

Aberforth Split Level Income Trust plc. Alfa Financial Software Holdings Ltd. Apax Global Alpha Limited. Arrow Global Group plc. Artemis Alpha Trust plc. Associated British Foods plc. Auto Trader Group plc. Baillie Gifford Japan Trust plc. Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon plc. Bank Of Georgia Group Plc. Bankers Investment Trust plc. BB Healthcare Trust plc.

Berkeley Group Holdings plc.

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