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It goes down as the least relaxing but the most entertaining I have ever had!! Da die Geldmittel nicht ausreichten, um den Preisverfall aufzuhalten, wurden zusätzlich Notgeldscheine der Städte, Gemeinden und Unternehmen ausgegeben — insgesamt mehr als Trillionen Mark Notgeld sowie etwa Trillionen Mark von der Reichsbank.

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Shalini and Jogi sneak over to Gauri's place, where it is revealed that Jaggu is Gauri's husband. Jogi remembers that Vinod kept a backup of the incriminating video, and sneaks back to the studio to get it.

Krishnan meets with the Chief Minister about the inquiry. The Chief Minister, buoyant because she has an opportunity to eventually become Prime Minister , presents Krishnan with the approval of his Stockholm trip, and a high promotion. She also asks Krishnan to stop the probe and hand over all his findings to the CID of the State Police, which shall now investigate the case further.

Jogi finds the CPU amid the studio's wreckage and has a narrow escape from the thugs chasing him. They all show Krishnan the video, which establishes that Deshnayak conspired to have Ahmadi killed and the Chief Minister was complicit in this plan.

Krishnan confronts Kaul with the truth, and Kaul threatens to ruin Krishnan's career. Undeterred, Krishnan blackmails Kaul, until Kaul finally leaves to talk to the Home Minister's secretary. In the hospital, Ahmadi's family decide to take him off life support. An epilogue explains the fate of the major characters: Krishnan refused the chance to go to Stockholm to ensure that a national investigation is opened up as per his plan.

Jogi escaped Bharat Nagar but as a pornographer wanted by the police. He is declared untraceable. Shalini wrote a book about the conspiracy, but it is banned in India. In the closing scene, Jaggu is operating a bulldozer demolishing old homes for IBP. Filming started in May in Latur , Maharashtra. The first look was released on 5 April The film was released in Bengali in a few locations. Madhureeta Mukherjee of ToI gave it 3. But being the super-smart, light-touch director that he is, he conducts the last rites of our beloved country to the loud, cheery strains of the song Bharat Mata ki, Bharat Mata ki We are dancing, screaming It keeps you involved and concerned right from its inception to the harrowing culmination.

This is not your usual Bollywood masala film, but a serious motion picture that has a voice, that makes you think, that makes a stunning impact.

Otherwise movie will be banned After a gap of 2 years, this was the first Hindi, rather Indian film to be screened in Baghdad. It was critically acclaimed there, exceeding gross expectations. Shanghai had a poor first day as it collected around 9— The film has just managed average collections at some high end multiplexes of metros during the first weekend, but the box office sales increased the subsequent week.

Shanghai collected around 7. The approximate breakdown on the weekend are The film did not release in UK. The album is composed by Vishal-Shekhar. It received positive responses. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shanghai Theatrical release poster. Retrieved 7 July Retrieved 9 June Retrieved 10 June Soak in the festivities at this traditional Christmas Market until December 16 December 12, Catch the biggest exhibition of an influential Shanghai painter December 10, Preview this thrilling tap dancing performance on December 12!

Experience a European-style Christmas at this market from November 30 November 27, Brawl on the Bund December 4, Michelle Proksell December 28, Unsettling facial recognition toilet paper dispenser installed in Jinan public bathroom December 19, Tourists compete to see how many chilis they can eat in 1 minute inside pepper-filled hot spring December 10, Keith Macgregor December 7, Fashionista farmer creates fierce clothing designs out of random crap December 5, Shijiazhuang opens glass-bottomed bridge downtown, providing scenic views of traffic underneath November 29, Police officer hops barrier to save elderly woman from falling on escalator by Kenneth Tan.

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