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A movie script is a sequence of events with a set beginning and end. If you really like this four-page package of verbiage, subscribe. Speaking of questionable beverage marketing…. Unlike the securities and futures markets, the foreign exchange market is not controlled by any central governing body, there are no clearing houses and there is no arbitration panel.

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Do people make money from Currency Trading? Hot Stories Latest Credit Cards 1 day ago 0 Comments Client-focused execution Our order-driven model results in higher fill-rates, fewer premature stop-outs, and significant price improvements. A mostly-male, mostly-old-hippie crew contributes solid if sometimes bland fiction, poetry and essays.

How to change this around? It salivates at special-effects toys for Hollywood action movies, and sneers at anyone who dares challenge the culture cartel like the French. But back to techno-culture…. Still, I wanna be the first to ride each built segment of the system to involve lite rail, regular rail, and new buses.

Or how would the initiative conversely affect the big regional scheme? The transit plan failed in a public vote, with only Seattle voters approving. But then we got better. Home satellite receivers have been a fixture on the Eastern Washington landscape for a decade.

Magnolia Hi-Fi will gladly show you how it works. The picture looks great, especially on a fancy-schmancy TV with surround sound. Cable companies have treated access as a municipally-mandated obligation, to be minimally begrudged. Satellites might offer a wider trough of Hollywood product, but only cable can give you your own town. Speaking of local imageries…. First, they threatened to hold off on an expansion of the 20th Century-Fox studios address: Beverly Hills unless they got special zoning and financial considerations.

How specialized her work is is evident in her subtitle: There will be some sort of celebration of the th and possibly last? Details as the date approaches. In the event the newsletter does get dropped, all current subscribers will receive credit for other fine Humph rey literary product. Due to the demands of book production and other tasks, I cannot accept any unpaid writing work until further notice. If an all-male Japanese theater is called Noh, is an all-female Japanese theater a Yesh?

Some bands only got to play as few as three songs. There were long impatient waits during lighting setups. That only got audience members to mosh at their first opportunity; they were met by harsh security, who grabbed some folks by the neck, dragged them into the hallway, and made them stand for Polaroids for some reason.

Three kids tackled a particularly nasty guard. Two-thirds of the audience walked out long before the end. Real exterior surfaces, bigger and better concourses, a slick green-glass entrance with shops and banquet rooms, a permanent exhibition pavilion on part of the current parking areas, landscaping around the remaining lots, even more bathrooms.

The problem, natch, is the price tag: This has always been a town whose dreams far exceeded its pocket contents. A handful of refitted older buildings, another handful of decaying newer buildings, and one truly world-class structure the Space Needle, built with all private money. However, let it be known that I like the Dome, for all its faults. No matter what happens to the sports teams, the Dome should be maintained at least for these uses.

Speaking of the beauty of death…. For a long time I was bummed out by the grownup Halloween. It was one of the three or four nights a year when people who never go out invaded my favorite spots, acting oh-so-precious in their identical trendy role-playing costumes and their stuck-up suburban attitudes.

But this year I began to understand a bit about the need for people to let their dark sides out to play. If a simple-minded drinking holiday can help people understand this principle, so be it. The story waited till far inside the jump page to say that attendance at some of the biggies, especially the Rep, is actually down a bit.

Even then, more seats are sold each year to the major theater companies than to any local sports enterprise except in a good year the Mariners. All the big sports teams together still draw more than all the big theaters together. Maybe Seattle really is the cultured community civic boosters sometimes claim it to be. Donations can be sent to Carol Jordan at the hospital, Chicago Ave. Think of it as a warning to anybody who still thinks artistic expression can stay independent of its Medicis.

This might be what conservatives wanted when they slashed govt. In that paternalistic land-without-a-First-Amendment, the government banned all cigarette advertising even in print five years ago. But they left a loophole: Cig makers could still sponsor arts and sports events, under their corporate names. Instead, the companies formed paper subsidiaries with the names of all their main brands Craven A Ltd. These false-front companies exist only to sponsor and advertise sports, entertainment and some arts events the Players Ltd.

IndyCar race, the Matinee Ltd. Alas, they only come in navy blue or green, not black. Ordinarily, this would be just another case of a corporation muscling in on a product developed by little guys. I thought Gates had more sense.

Besides falling trippingly off the tongue, the name implies a tuff, no-nonsense truck for a tuff, no-nonsense town. Super Big Gulp-size cupholders, Tasmanian Devil mudflaps, half-disconnected mufflers. These things have been thought about for a long time. They believed an aesthetically pleasing environment enhanced life, and such an environment should be available to of all income brackets.

Our allegedly-feminist modern era disdained many traditionally feminine arts, including home design and furnishing. The next generation of artistic people will have the task of replacing the sprawl with real abodes, real streets, real neighborhoods, and yes real ballparks. It prints things it thinks curious members of the urban community would like to read. It runs long articles in small type with small headlines and small pictures.

In an age of homogenized hype and celebrity fluff, it publishes interesting things about people who say and do interesting things whether they be bestselling authors or crumpet toasters. In keeping with a generation desperate for a sense of historical continuity, its covers comprise a modern revival of the great humor-magazine cover art of the past. The trade paperback edition of the book will be out next spring still looking for pictures and reminiscences.

Your advice would be most welcome. Sci-fi, horror and fantasy used to be the place to learn the craft of the simple direct narrative film, as a potential creator or simply a more informed viewer. These genres once offered bright delicious eye-and-ear candy, films that cut through the boundaries of slick production and linear narrative to speak directly to their audiences with imagery, energy and audacity.

The only suspense in most of these lame exercises is figuring out which beginning-screenwriting course the writers just came from. Only one American commercial exploitation genre retains its power to keep re-creating its audiovisual vocabulary, to use simple easy-to-understand tools in creating unreal domains of character and behavior—tools young filmmakers can easily comprehend and copy to their own ends.

And not just for the lonely-guy crowd either: Add money to an action scene and you get noise, smoke, computer-generated effects, and a thousand dead foreigners. Add money to a bedroom scene and you simply get a better-furnished, better-lit bedroom—and maybe some better actors. The typical King plot involves a shy heroine who becomes inexorably drawn toward carnal temptation. King and his colleagues like Roger Corman, King now hires underlings to direct most of the films he produces spend lots of screen time luring their heroines and their viewers from something approaching suburban consensus reality toward a semi-surrealistic universe of blue lighting, dreamlike nonlinear images, and hokey slow jazz-fusion music.

Yet this long first act cleverly lets King and his directors act as patient seducers, bringing viewers and characters alike into the scary freedoms of sensation and irrationality.

Just as there are innumerable ways to have sex, there are innumerable ways to represent it on the screen. Here are a few examples of how the combined allure and absurdity of on-screen sex, explicit or not, makes for entertaining and even breathtakingly weird film: Dream uses staccato video editing, Daliesque stage sets and just a dash of PoMo cynicism to enliven the standardized rite of the ritual fuck video. Each tape consists of a half-dozen vignettes, some more linear than others.

Some show nude women doing things real-life people often do in the nude stripping, dressing, bathing, sleeping, swimming, laying in the sun. A glut of producers has caused budgets to collapse. Yet this dismissal of all artistic pretension gives the assembly-line hardcore video a peculiarly honest quality. It is what it is, and claims to be nothing more. What they lack in picture quality they gain in energy. These are couples from across America, of all races and body types, who actually like one another and want to show you how much.

Columbo , whose reputation she hid from by working in Seattle after its demise. In previous decades, every little place in Southern California got a car named after it—even Catalina, an island where I believe private cars are banned. On one channel you get a wrinkly old rich monopoly-capitalist famous for putting his assets in trusts and tax shelters, and on the other you get an oilman. Now if we could only get that Canadian delicacy, ketchup-flavored chips.

The competition from the big guys in the regular-chip market was too much for the spunky locals to bear. The brand may survive, licensed to and made by a Utah outfit. A team of from 8 to 15 teenage boys showed up naked at a Renton convenience store two weeks ago, then during the commotion walked away with two cases of Coke.

Entering the site from the north, I caught a glimpse into the dome disaster area, truly an alternate-reality sight out of a dystopian SF movie. Luckily, I missed the quasi-riot after the! Even while the set was going on, some 20 cops had amassed outside. When the house lights came on, the audience was gruffly ordered to disperse.

Isolated shouting matches escalated — one guy smashed a pane of a glass door; another kid was put into a headlock by a cop; two male fans allegedly stripped to show their defiance of authority.

One fan was arrested; several were maced outside. Again, things got out of hand, to the point that random passersby got maced and-or manhandled by cops. Similarly, interviews with teens and young-adults were monochrome film while overs were shot in full RGB video. Also interestingly, the narration was aimed at pleading for parents to communicate with their kids more, but the show made no attempt to speak directly to any younger viewers — a symptom of the same societal dehumanization some of the younger interviewees complained about.

The city has forced me to choose between aspects of my belief system: Do I encourage you to support libraries or oppose yuppification? I believe in libraries as the original Info Hi-Ways, as resources for growth and empowerment and weird discoveries.

I also believe that cities need to be real places for real people. But to pretend to deal with poverty or crime by removing places where lower-caste people gather is worse than corrupt. But first, a history of Seattle TV.

Shortly after, the FCC imposed a three-year freeze on new stations. Nowadays, big multi-station groups are negotiating with the nets, shutting out smaller players like Bonneville owners of only one TV station besides KIRO. KCPQ has leased a building in downtown Seattle and will move all its operations there next year. They fired the talk hosts, and now just run AP satellite news with local-news inserts. America was and is, to a great extent, a country run on fear and greed, on conquest and demonization.

Speaking of celebrations of the human physique…. The fad for increasingly graphic female nudity in print ads selling clothes to women continues, from the highest-circulation fashion mags to lowly rags such as this—including ads placed by female-run firms. It was bad enough that the TV networks wanted their show producers to get rid of opening theme songs. The networks are destroying the carefully-crafted viewing experience, in hopes of tricking a few viewers not to zap away.

Take a glug when the announcer mentions either team name. If you really like this four-page package of verbiage, subscribe. We need approximately more paid subscriptions to make this a profitable going part-time concern.

The Real Seattle Music Story are no longer available to the general public. For a Machead like me to learn an Internet UNIX line-command interface from the online help much of which is written for programmers and system operators, not end users is like learning to drive by reading a transmission-repair manual.

The moneybags have a powerful voice; we need to get just as loud. And half those , new federally-subsidized cops are allocated for towns under , pop.

The strike only confirms this diagnosis. Louis Browns and Washington Senators. Anyhow, the fun and weirdness we know and love as Canada from ketchup-flavored potato chips to the big nude virtual family that is Wreck Beach to the relatively-working community experiment of Co-Op Radio might not be with us forever.

Quebec separatists are now the official opposition party in the House of Commons; if their next referendum for provincial secession passes, the whole nation might collapse.

Some folks have talked about creating a new Nation of Cascadia combining B. Mallard simply had an unattractively-designed, boorish duck character spout snide personal insults about the Clintons. It was dropped the same weekend that my trashing of it went to press. The Times has lost a reported 14, readers since its redesign late last year, a change that turned a dull but idiosyncratic paper into a dull but bland one.

Perhaps Fairview Fanny management is finally awakening to the notion that if you make your paper as boring as possible you should expect readers to be bored by it. But at least in the new design you always know where everything is: World news in the A Section, local news in the B Section, birth announcements in… you get the picture. I support any move to dilute the power of the WSLCB, a truly outmoded institution whose picayune policies helped thwart any real nightlife industry here.

Every aspect of the experience expressed a Northwest Protestant guilt trip over the evils of John Barleycorn; just like the old state rules for cocktail lounges, which had to be dark windowless dens of shame.

Ball Park Fun Franks are microwaveable mini-wieners with their own mini-buns! The poster child in his attack: Oppose his divisive vision now, while you still can. Four cop cars showed up to nab the vandal, who was arrested for theft, trespassing and assorted other charges. But I dunno about the place becoming a squeaky-clean version of sin city.

The title resulted from an ad the authors placed in a London paper, asking young people to send life stories. Who cares about me? I must suffer because I am me…Money, time, these are substitutes for real happiness. Where can I find happiness? I do not know. The best entry, in the sole opinion of this author, receives a new trade-paperback book of our choosing. They took my imprints to my knees!

My book on the real history of Seattle punk and related four-letter words should be out next March. Rewrites, pic-gathering, fact-checking, lyric-clearing and page-laying-out are about to commence bigtime. Suzzallo Library, UW even with the awkward-looking new wing. The New York Review of Books. Carnivore, Pure Joy PopLlama reissue. CDs with no names on the label side, just cute graphics that lead to misplacement. Tampon and diaper ads showing how well the things absorb the same mysterious blue liquid they must be made for those inbred, blue-blooded folks.

The post- Dog House saga gets curiouser and curiouser. She wanted to give it to the City of Aberdeen, but city fathers were uneasy about putting it up in public. Sounds like the futile attempt to make the Seattle Parks Dept.

Speaking of creativity and cultural independence…. The move highlights the chief problem with the local dance-music scene: Speaking of original artistry…. Selling out or buying in? Speaking of strong women of song…. The tribute-album craze continues with a CD of modern stars covering Ms.

It may only prove how great Piaf was, that no contemporary female artist can attempt her material without seeming like a bad joke. What woman today would dare present herself as torn apart by romantic anguish, and as finding strength through such turmoil? A female-friendly store would be friendly toward comix outside the action-violence genre, and would be a great tool for developing the potential of the medium—something fans of any gender can cheer about.

Similarly, the models themselves are already-arrived faces of pouting perfection. There are women whose figures I liked more than they did; they essentially told me that I was just a tourist while they had to live there.

Nearly everybody loves the Monorail, even if few people have a regular use for its one-mile run. There are four major national retail institutions from Seattle: At first, punk rock and Costco might not seem to have much in common. Punk is an urban thang; most warehouse stores are located way out there. Punk is built around independent retailers filling highly specialized desires of cult audiences. We thrive on low-budget spectacles of glorious lowbrow pleasure.

We believe in empowering small business something Costco claims to also believe in , and in subcultural communal experiences which Costco shopping certainly is. We like to gather at obscure sites away from the glare of malls. And we much prefer to shop among Laotian immigrant families and self-employed cab drivers than among the Bellevue Squares.

Even cooler is the package: It seems tough for the first couple of seconds, but very quickly proves just how soft and pliable it really is. Speaking of odd consumptible concepts…. Powdered beer has been announced by a Czech brewery, intended at first for export to Russia.

It contains active yeast cultures that quickly form alcohol once you put the powder in water and let it mature to taste. It costs about 25 cents a quart. People who request our songs on the radio are okie dokie. It would be really great if young people had a reason to feel better than just okie dokie. Foul tasting, over-hyped beverages do not make you feel okie dokie…. Not affiliated with any patronizing multinational beverage company. The occasional Velvet Elvis, Penny University and King Theater all-ages shows help a little, but what we really need is a way for a commercial venue to meet its expenses while letting both under- and overs in.

What do you feel about each issue? You walk into the party and everyone hides their beer. Your bell bottoms and platform shoes are originals. No one knows who Marlo Thomas is. Rad is not a unit of radiation. Conversely, to talk about poverty and inequality, to draw attention to the reality that discrimination and injustice are still facts of life, is to commit the new sin of political correctness….

Anti-PC has become the latest cover for creeps. It is a godsend for every curmudgeon and crank, from the fascists to the merely smug.

Northwest Rock , one of the only two regularly-scheduled outlets on Seattle TV for regional acts especially indie and unsigned acts , has been canceled by KTZZ.

Saturday time slot when people who liked these bands would be out seeing them. There are many Seattles more or less co-existing in the same real estate, but practically the only one you hear about in the local mainstream media is what we might call the Media Seattle.

When I see images of the Media Seattle, I think what a dull, utterly bourgeois place that would be if it existed. The Commons and the Urban Villages are attempts to make that smarmy fantasy a reality. Thank God we still have some other Seattles in our midst, at least for now. Among the beautiful old Frigidare promo films and Tony the Tiger commercials was a serious issue: Why should you care about junk food a broad name for things people eat and drink for enjoyment, rather than sustenance?

American junk food represents everything this nation stands for: Hard to attach counterculture street-cred to a band that has a PBS pledge-break special complete with yuppie phone operators in tye-dye shirts and its own merchandise show on QVC. Rainier could blow any day, according to a recent National Research Council report. And maybe it could blow away Southcenter, or the Boeing site that replaced Longacres, so we could start land-use planning in the area over again, only doing it right this time.

Some electronics stores carry some Apple products like the Performas, but only Ballard sells PowerMacs, hi-end laser printers, et al. Wish I could say its content was equally momentous. A cute idea, but poorly executed. The items are too superficial to be interesting; you get more depth and a lot more advertising in a half-hour of KIRO-AM.

I say a rousing Yes!

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