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The benchmark could be the well-known Standard & Poor’s Index, or it could be something less familiar, such as an international stock index or small-company stock index.

Your Browser does not have JavaScript enabled! Shift-tab to return to the tabs. Income funds Low to medium risk Potential to generate higher income than savings funds Some capital growth over the long term. Market on the verge of what?

1. Money market funds

Investors look to this index for the best insight into the health of the market, and some use it as the basis for their investments in an S&P Index fund. Index Funds Different types of index funds exist, but all structure their performance on the same concept.

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To help you decide which broker delivers the best value for your investing needs, here are six important factors to consider. Low commissions and fees reduce the cost of trading and help you keep more of your money invested. Over the last few years, competition between brokers has made online trading more affordable than ever. Watch out for brokers that charge ECN fees for Canadian stock trades.

Not every broker puts the same effort into designing intuitive, easy-to-use features for both experts and beginners. It should be quick and easy to manage your investments on desktop and mobile devices. Ease-of-use is not something you can compare at a glance. However, some brokers offer a trial account that lets you get a feel for the features and functionality. Are calls answered in seconds, or minutes?

Are emails answered in hours, or days? Can you speak to a knowledgeable representative right away? Are issues resolved correctly the first time? Show more Markets link Markets. Show more Opinion link Opinion.

Show more Personal Finance link Personal Finance. Find a fund Go. Click or tap rows for actions. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance; unit prices may fall as well as rise. All managed funds data located on FT.

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