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We strongly encourage you to obtain detailed professional advice and to read any relevant offer document in full before making any investment decision. We may also contact you to confirm that you received the information that you were looking for and offer you further assistance and information about our products and services. Key detractors over the month were:

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Dax gibt zum Jahresstart wieder nach - jetzt Risiko reduzieren? Wirecard gefragt - Interview sorgt für Übernahmefantasie. Die Tops und Flops im Dax Zalando erholt - Anleger-Hoffnung für Einzelhändler. Monatlich Geld aufs Konto - diese 3 Aktien machen es möglich! Steigende Zinsen belasten Aktienmärkte.

That suggests that the authorities will be cautious in their approach but also willing to further tighten lending restrictions should that be required. The Small Ordinaries Index The Utilities sector - 4. Stronger performing sectors were Information Technology 3.

The weakest sectors were, Utilities Key positive contributors to the portfolio for the month included: Key detractors over the month were: The pressure that we have seen on the small cap part of the market has seen the discount start to widen to the large caps. We expect that once a lot of the forced selling of the small industrials starts to dissipate, we will see the sector start to outperform again.

Our preference remains for those commodities which are in deficit i. In general, without the strong cyclical upswing, we continue to look for companies with strong balance sheets and solid growth profiles that are mostly independent of the economic cycle.

Sector diversification as most investors are unknowingly over-exposed to the Financials sector which is overrepresented in the ASX Economic cycle diversification as micro-cap stocks behave differently to large cap stocks at different stages of the economic cycle. Exposure to a large number of companies which offers a greater opportunity set to invest in. Access to IPOs and discounted capital raisings which are usually out of reach of the individual investor. CGAs investment team has over years collective experience in the Australian equities market, the largest for a MicroCap manager in the local market.

Further, CGA manages equity mandates for institutional and LICs and is a high performing Australian funds management company that offers both core and satellite portfolio solutions that cover the entire market capitalisation range. The company has been managing the CTN portfolio since its inception in CGA is a top-down and bottom-up manager. The manager uses a business cycle approach to generate alpha persistent out performance by systematically incorporating economic, industry and stock specific factors into the portfolio construction process.

The manager uses proprietary research process developed over many decades with a proven long term track record. The company may also pay additional special dividends when favourable market circumstances allow. Contango MicroCap Limited is governed by a Board of Directors who provide regular information about the company via ASX announcements and via their website.

Contango Asset Management Limited is a boutique wholesale and LIC fund manager with mandates across the entire market capitalisation spectrum.

Contango currently manages large cap, mid cap, small cap, micro cap and income focused mandates for its institutional clients. Contango has a large and well-resourced investment team. The investment team is supported by an additional 8 support staff. Contango uses a unique top-down and bottom-up investment process and has a proud history of delivering outperformance for its clients since Contango believe that having a macroeconomic capability is critical to constructing high performing portfolios that are able to outperform over the economic cycle.

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