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Strictly Necessary and Performance cookies cannot be switched off as the website requires these to function correctly. By continuing to browse qatarexec. In June , Condor announced it intends to establish a long-haul base at Munich Airport from the summer season.

Condor has already based short- and mid-haul operations at the airport and resumed long-haul flights in winter after a six-year absence. During , Munich Airport counted more than 40 million passengers per year for the first time. In December , Lufthansa 's low-cost subsidiary Eurowings announced it intends to establish a major base at Munich Airport from March , with 32 new routes.

Munich Airport's dynamic growth continued in with new traffic records and an all-time high of The airport also saw a strong surge in take-offs and landings, with an increase of more than 10, to approximately , movements in With destinations Munich Airport increased its global network and is among the leading air transportation hubs in Europe. The approach road and railway divide the west part into a southern half, which contains cargo and maintenance facilities, and a northern half, which contains mostly administrative buildings and service facilities, a holiday long-term parking lot and the visitors' centre.

Munich Airport has two passenger terminals, and shuffled 20—25 million people through each terminal in Terminal 1 is the older terminal and commenced operation when the airport was opened on 17 May It has a total capacity of 25 million passengers per year and is subdivided into five modules designated A , B , C , D and E. Modules A through D provide all facilities necessary to handle departures and arrivals, including individual landside driveways and parking, whereas module E is equipped to handle arrivals only.

This design essentially makes each module a self-contained sub-terminal of its own. Modules A and D are used for flights within the Schengen-area, while modules B and C handle those to destinations outside it. Hall F is separate, located near Terminal 2, and handles flights with increased security requirements, i.

Furthermore, the check-in counters for some flights departing from Terminal 1 are located in the central area Z German: Zentralbereich where most of the shopping and restaurant facilities of this Terminal as well as the airport's suburban railway station are also located. The 1,metre 3,foot pier features 21 jet bridges , two of which have been rebuilt into waiting halls for bus transfers.

One gate position has been equipped with three jet bridges to handle the Airbus A which is regularly used by Emirates. There are further 60 aircraft stands on the apron, some of which are equipped with specially designed apron jet bridges German: Vorfeldfluggastbrücken , to which passengers are brought by bus.

This unique concept allows passengers to board with full protection from the weather but without the high investments required for full satellite terminals connected through a passenger transport system.

Terminal 1 currently handles all airlines that are not members or partners of the Star Alliance with the exception of Turkish Airlines. However, owing to lack of capacity at Terminal 2, Lufthansa's subsidiary Germanwings and former affiliate Condor both moved back to Terminal 1 in As of December , a major redesign of Terminal 1 including a capacity increase and an extension of the central terminal building to the west for centralised security and shopping facilities was under preparation.

The new facilities will provide capacity for 6 million additional passengers, will be able to handle 12 aircraft including two Airbus As at once, and are due to open by Terminal 2 commenced operation on 29 June It has a design capacity of 25 million passengers per year and is exclusively used by Lufthansa and all other Star Alliance members serving Munich except Turkish Airlines. Etihad Airways relocated to this terminal as well after commencing a partnership with Lufthansa.

Having been designed as a hub terminal it is not divided into modules like Terminal 1. Instead, all facilities are arranged around a central Plaza. Owing to security regulations imposed by the European Union, the terminal has been equipped with facilities to handle passengers from countries considered insecure, i. This required the construction of a new level as, unlike other airports, the terminal does not have separate areas for arriving and departing passengers.

The new level 06 opened on 15 January As the total number of 75 aircraft stands on the east apron is not always sufficient, Terminal 2 sometimes also uses parking positions on the west apron, to which passengers are carried by airside buses. Terminal 2 is able to handle the Airbus A as well, however, prior to the opening of the Terminal 2 satellite building, there were no designated stands or additional jet bridges for it. Lufthansa flies the A into the satellite building. Terminal 2 has two main departure levels, 04 and 05 and additional bus gates on the lower level Gates on level 05 H are designated non-Schengen gates.

Until the new transfer level 06 opened, the northernmost gates were behind an additional security checkpoint for departures to the USA most of the day. The lower level 04 G contains Schengen gates.

The bus gates on level 03 are also designated G and are also used for Schengen flights. Level 03 is smaller than the main levels and consists of two separate parts which can be reached from two points on level One area of these gates is designated to Air Dolomiti.

This makes Terminal 2 the first terminal in Germany which is co-operated by an airline. While Terminal 1 still has plenty of capacity left—in , it handled only about 11 million passengers [24] —an extension of Terminal 2, which operated over full capacity handling When Terminal 2 and its east apron were built prior to , preparations for a satellite terminal had already been made.

Construction for the satellite building was approved in and started in ; it was completed by the end of Besides the baggage transport tunnel, there already were three more unused tunnels beneath the Terminal 2 apron of which one was equipped with a fully automated people mover by Bombardier Transportation connecting the Terminal 2 main building with the new satellite.

The Munich Airport Center sometimes shortened to MAC is a shopping, business, and recreation area that connects the two terminals. The older Central Area German: Zentralbereich , which was originally built as part of Terminal 1, hosts a shopping mall and the S-Bahn station. The newer MAC Forum built with Terminal 2 is a large outdoor area with a partly transparent tent-like roof. The Munich Airport Center has a supermarket where one can shop from 5: The airport has two parallel runways and one concrete helipad.

A third runway would increase the number of schedulable aircraft movements per hour from 90 to According to Flughafen München GmbH FMG , the airport's operator, the current two-runway system is already operating at full capacity during peak hours, and requests for additional slots from airlines have been denied.

Further increase in air traffic is expected as Munich is to become a second major hub in Germany after Frankfurt. In August , the airport operator applied for planning permission from the government of Upper Bavaria. More than 60, objections have been filed during public display of the plans. The objections, lawsuits, and results of a citywide referendum against the third runway were later overturned by the Bavarian Administrative Court, allowing for construction plans to proceed.

On 26 July , the government of Upper Bavaria issued the zoning approval for the construction of a third runway. With this decision, the zoning authority, after the intensive examination and consideration of all ramifications, expressly approved the need presented by Flughafen München GmbH and the plans submitted for the third runway.

Also tied to the approval by the government of Upper Bavaria is the prompt completion of the construction project. However, the airport operator has chosen to follow the advice of Bavaria's Higher Administrative Court and not to proceed until the principal proceedings concerning the project have reached a conclusion.

The decision is currently being reviewed by the court. The building permit associated with the zoning will continue to be valid for up to 15 years. In , the airport received approval from Germany's Federal Administrative Court to build a third runway, dismissing all complaints and appeals, and confirming the decision of Bavaria's Higher Administrative Court to grant approval.

However, construction of the new runway may yet be delayed as the project has to have unanimous approval by the airport's three shareholders: The latter has opposed the plan since a referendum.

Currently, there are five parking garages and six underground parking areas, amounting together to a total of 30, parking spaces [42] of which approximately 16, are under a roof.

The parking garage P20 at Terminal 2, with 6, parking spaces on eleven levels including four that are underground since its commissioning in was the largest parking garage in Germany until the car park at the new Allianz Arena was opened in Apart from the usual parking facilities, the Munich Airport offers, at additional cost, special parking spaces with additional benefits.

Also there is an option for oversized parking spaces, the so-called XXL parking, and secure parking. Lastly, there is a special separate parking level in the P20 parking garage, where the parked cars are guarded.

To make shopping in the public areas more attractive for local residents of the airport area, there are special offers where visitors can park up to three hours for free in the P20 parking garage. During the holiday periods other cheaper options are provided in the P8 parking garage. The airport authorities have set out to cater for visitors and sightseers by creating a 'Visitors Park' which includes a 'Visitors Hill', from which a good view of the westerly aircraft apron and Terminal 1 can be obtained, as well as a restaurant and a shop for aircraft models and other collectors' items.

This location is served by a railway station named ' Besucherpark '. The view from the hill is shown in the above widescreen image of the Terminal 1 apron. There is also a visitors' viewing terrace on the roof of Terminal 2 that features a wide, glassed balcony with seating areas and gives a view of the easterly aircraft apron. All visitors can access the terrace from the landside.

The entrance fee was abolished in September There are two additional smaller Visitor Hills on the north end of the north runway and at the center of the south runway. The following airlines offer regular scheduled and charter flights at Munich Airport: It developed a so-called "four-pillar strategy" with an overall concept designed to improve environmental protection; these four pillars include:.

From the beginning, the state-administered parts of nature conservation aspects were considered in the planning of the airport. At the same time, consideration was taking in making the airport unattractive to birds, in order to prevent bird strikes. An additional acre green belt was placed around the airport as a compensation area, in which the overall compensation areas extend over acres.

Also, they believe that the compensation areas are not sufficient enough in order to compensate for the damage caused by the airport. The construction in the Erdinger Moos area had a large impact on the water budget of the region, since the groundwater levels in the marshy landscape had to be greatly reduced in which drainage ditches were created.

Existing watercourses, such as small streams, were not interrupted, but redirected so that they run either around or underneath the property, lowering the effects of groundwater reduction to only the areas in which the airport is located.

The wastewater from the airport and the collected rain water are returned to the natural water cycle. The already rough cleansed water is then purified in a purification plant. For the necessary winter de-icing of the airport, deicing chemical such as glycol are used and collected together with the contaminated melted water and then either purified or reused. The cleaning is done in the degradation system area, where soil bacteria decompose the glycol into harmless components of water and carbon dioxide.

To reduce noise from thrust reversal during aircraft landings, the runways were built to a length of 4, meters, however the noise reduction is offset by increased taxiing times. To reduce noise pollution, a hall for engine testing was built.

Um einen Überblick der Airlines zu gewinnen, gibt es dann noch die Sternevergabe für die folgenden Kriterien. Wie war der Service an Board? Haben sich die FlugbegleiterInnen ausreichend um Sie gekümmert? Hier ist die Servicebereitschaft gefragt. Hier geht's zum Qualität, Geschmack und Präsentation der Speisen. Hat es Ihnen geschmeckt? Oder haben Sie lieber auf das Essen verzichtet?

Vor allen bei Langstreckenflügen wichtig: Haben Sie sich gut unterhalten? In dieser Rubrik geht es um Angebot an Filmen, Magazinen etc. Wie sauber war es in der Kabine und auf den Toiletten. Wie freundlich war die Crew? Haben Sie sich willkommen gefühlt und haben Sie ein freundliches Lächeln bekommen? Pünktlichkeit ist nicht nur bei Anschlussflügen wichtig. Auch wenn es in den Urlaub geht, möchte man pünktlich ankommen.

Wie pünktlich war Ihr Flug? Beim Sitzkomfort wird meist die Beinfreiheit bemängelt.

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