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Welcome to the world of Redline Disposable Breathalysers in Australia and New Zealand. The Redline Breathalyser is an inexpensive, disposable, Australian Standards Certified breath testing device which quickly and simply provides an non-evidential indication of a minimum presence of BAC and an above or below indication against BAC.

Even with the inch alloy wheels and summer performance tires, the EcoBoost proved to be an enjoyable cruiser that rode well and handled Los Angeles' pothole-marked roads with ease, making it a happy medium between ride comfort and agility. However, at 3, pounds, the Mustang EcoBoost is on the heavy side, and its weight does hinder it.

This is especially evident in understeer when the road gets a little too tight and twisty. The Mustang's steering does help make it feel a little more engaging when it's set in Sport mode, where it has acceptable feel, weight, and some feedback. The other two modes, Normal and Comfort, are devoid of any sensation or communication and make the steering wheel feel like it's a controller for "Gran Turismo" or "Forza Motorsport. Keep the steering mode in Sport.

The Mustang EcoBoost's 2. Unlike most modern turbocharged engines that tend toward the quiet side, the EcoBoost engine makes cool turbine sounds once you hit the gas to accelerate. On the road, you'll immediately notice that the car has lots of midrange torque but not much else. Below 3, rpm, there's little power available due to a prodigious amount of turbo lag, but once it gets going, there's plenty to work with.

Rev the car above 5, rpm, though, and all you're making is noise because it loses steam. Switch the drive mode selector over to Sport, and you get slightly improved responses from the engine and throttle, but the turbo lag is still there.

Keep the car in its sweet spot between 2, to 4, rpm, and you'll be able to get the most out of it. Should you decide to take the car for a track day, there's a Track mode that turns off the ESC and lets you really push the car to its limits.

During acceleration tests at the track, the Mustang EcoBoost did the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 6. Compared to a manual-equipped Mustang EcoBoost we tested last year, this car was 0. The tester could have been adversely affected by constantly changing weather conditions and the fact that the engine's power ratings are achieved with 93 octane fuel, which isn't available in California.

The six-speed manual in our test vehicle was a good gearbox that offered decent feel and somewhat long throws. As in every Mustang, however, the shifter is very notchy and it reminds you of someone eating something crunchy every time you go through the gears. In traffic, thanks to a light clutch, the gearbox was easy to work with. But the point at which it starts to bite is very late, meaning your foot is almost off the clutch pedal and it's barely engaging. If you're planning to carry four passengers in a Mustang, make sure the two sitting in the back aren't claustrophobic because the rear seats have little headroom and barely any legroom.

A better use of the rear seats is as extra storage space should the Up front, the driver and front passenger will have an easy time getting comfortable thanks to the ability to make extensive seat and steering wheel adjustments.

The standard front seats also hold you in place well during enthusiastic driving and don't sacrifice comfort. On the Premium trim, the Mustang EcoBoost comes with heated and cooled front seats for that extra upscale touch. Ford's Sync 3 infotainment system is a big step forward compared to its old interface.

The voice command understands everything very well, making it easy to do everything from changing the climate controls to playing a specific artist from the flash drive plugged into the USB port. Response from the unit's 7-inch touchscreen is excellent, making it a breeze to use even on the go. However, its low placement in the center stack forces you to take your eyes off the road if you don't want to use voice commands.

Visibility out of the car, on other hand, is good except out of the rear window because the fastback roofline.

The addition of blind spot mirrors also means you won't need to get the blind spot warning system because they can give you a clear view of what is not in your field of vision. The Mustang EcoBoost is more of a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

The easy-to-drive Mustang is a good introduction to driving sports cars. No, the Mustang EcoBoost isn't going to match the GT in performance, but it still offers up plenty of thrills behind the wheel. Turbo lag and notchy shifter aside, the Mustang EcoBoost is a nice "in-between" model that manages to balance daily drivability with fun-to-drive dynamics surprisingly well even with the Performance package.

But note that interpretation of results and acting upon them is entirely at the user's discretion as the Redline is NOT a legal evidentiary device. The value which Redlines deliver to the user is immeasurable.

Home History Redline Manufacturer. Redlines have numerous applications, such as: Immediately following consumption of alcohol, to obtain guidance regarding the ability to drive within the 0. In such circumstances, a second test should be used a short while after the first to ensure that the BAC measurement is under the 0. It is easy to be in excess of a workplace BAC limit and even the drive driving limit following an evening of excessive consumption of alcohol.

To obtain an indication of a presence of greater than 0. Redlines are an ideal and inexpensive device to enhance road safety programs, fit-for-duty campaigns, etc which educate consumers or employees about alcohol and the personal vagaries of its consumption relative to measurement. Redlines can be used as an educational tool to help demonstrate that: BAC measurement can vary considerably between individuals who have consumed similar amounts of alcohol over a similar period of time.

For some, an illegal BAC can be recorded with only a small amount of alcohol; it can take considerably more for others to reach the same level. There is no accurate 'rule of thumb'.

You do not have to feel intoxicated to be affected by alcohol or have a BAC reading in excess of the legal drink-drive limit. It can take up to 2 hours after the last drink for alcohol to be fully ingested.

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