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Stealing is in their blood. We have only ourselves to blame for making those mistakes. Here comes this important question of purely tactical nature which many flag-waving uber-patriots miss completely, while, I am sure, Pentagon and not only, is puzzled with what went wrong. Since the Zionists are the one with the most capital, anyone who wants a piece of the world, will have to go through them. But not the barbarians.

Hell & Israel: Après Lavrov le deluge

Tabula Rasa,or in plain english,clean slate. And the battle between good and evil gets reset and continues to do so untill humanity grows some balls and stands up and takes responsibility for its actions and existence.

It seems to me that there is a lack of logic in this argument. Hmmm… They can get money in the blink of an eye through electronic transfer, but water? Did you even read what he wrote? He is talking about money to get oil and gas. I just answer why not water too?

At that time I was heavily transferring dollar assets to Swiss Francs which seemed the most secure option at that time. Where we all erred was in not fully appreciating the interdependencies of the global financial and banking complex.

The Franc crashed and not the dollar. If such a scenario were to occur now, we would quickly find the results to be completely unpredictable. More so even than they were in All countries with membership in globalist organizations such as the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements would be potentially at risk.

This would include both China and Russia. You erred because you did not factor in China in The Chinese shored up the dollar by buying heavily into US Treasuries. Bear in mind that no Ponzi scheme can last forever; most of them collapse fairly quickly, and with increasing suddenness towards the end.

This one is exceptionally big, so it is holding up for longer. But it will collapse, and maybe soon. The Western leaders and owners will, naturally, try to keep the approaching collapse a secret. No one telegraphs their own weakness. But there is plenty of evidence. The dollar has been steadily losing value of late. Far more deadly, more and more countries are making arrangements to stop trading with it or holding it as reserves.

That will take years to bite, but once it does the USA will experience catastrophic inflation — like Weimar Germany. Unfortunately, we human beings have so mismanaged our affairs as to leave a group of vile murderous psychopaths, with everything to lose, armed with thermonuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

Where a draw signifies the annihilation of the human species. So one hopes the loathsome Washington creatures turn out to have some weakness — if not some faint flicker of human charity, then at least fear. If it could it would be like inventing a perpetual motion machine. Every debt driven boom ends in a bust; and the bigger the boom the bigger the bust.

That is just a matter of economic history. A gold backed currency which demands it oil imports being paid in Yuan. Which would you rather hold? Being able to print a lot of money has certainly helped them be able to keep this scheme going and going.

But, there are always limits. The limit is when people start to feel they got too many dollars. And it still might be mostly true today. But there are trends in the world putting that in danger, the main one is the economic block centered on Russia and China being driven out of the dollar system and now adopting the better attitude of just trading rubles and yuan between them. That creates a large part of the world where it you try to pay a bar bill in dollars they look at you funny and demand rubles or yuan.

Which is a step along the way towards that point of there being too many dollars in the world and they start to noticeably decline in value. Which will be made even worse because the US can not turn the printing presses off any more than the Saudis can stop pumping oil. We are all thinking like rational beings and trying to guess what the ultra elitist ruling class is thinking next.

IMHO, it may be easier to put yourself in their shoes. If you can print as much money as you need and have almost seemingly limitless power to bend the will of country leaders to your whim and fancy, literally changing the course of history, what could possibly satisfy your ego and fulfill your desires? Just like us, even the ultra rich and powerful have wants, dreams, desires, hopes for the future.

That insatiable appetite is true of all humans. Ironically, the more you have, the bigger the appetite. So think, what could they possibly need and want??

Evil which includes covetousness works in the same way. The more bad deeds you allow yourself to commit, the easier it gets — with the same snowballing effect. The monster has grown so large and powerful that we have no idea the devastation it can wrought on planet earth when totally unleashed. Perhaps even the elites themselves have no idea how far they have come to this point in time. As for the ponzi scheme, the economic markers provide the best early warning signs where the monster is headed next.

Follow the money and you will understand the powerplay to which it is intrinsically linked. Count on an inverted yield curve and Treasury Department derivative losses in the trillions on interest rate swaps sold to Wall Street banks. A lot of malinvestment in fracking and share buybacks with borrowed money has overleveraged corporations.

Personal debt, corporate debt and government debt compared to GDP are at levels and a lot of that debt will be uncollectible. The USA has kicked the financial can down the road for 10 years.

It created a huge asset inflation bubble with borrowed money ie all malinvestment via interest rate suppression by the Fed that will blow up when the yield curve goes inverted signifying a financial panic is underway.

That is the demand for short-term money to borrow is greater than the supply of money to short-term borrow. In I expect week lows to be hit and a bear market worse the financial crisis to be underway. Actually, that is the problem, it will take long, that is precisely what it will, it will take long, years, decades. Russia on the one side does not really have time on its side anymore.. Before Ukraine and Syria, Russia had time on its side, now we are lucky every year there is not a nuclear war or a massive war on Russias border.

Such beliefs may be soothing to hold but they do not rest on knowledge or economic literacy. Briefly, here is why. Economies do not tank because of massive credit. The US M3 is huge because the economy itself is huge. M2 total outstanding bank deposits and M3 are in turn fusing into one as credit card payments replace the practice of mailing out cheques. Nor is high foreign indebtedness in itself a sign of future imminent collapse.

Yes, it is worryingly high presently, but no it is not imminent that some sort of disaster will befall the US Treasury. No one forces the rest-of-the world to buy US treasuries, bonds, and stocks. Yet governments, corporations, and individuals from all over the world line-up to buy these. Money and Capital flows to low risk and high return zones. This is how it always has been, and this is how it always will be. Why do Alibaba and the other Chinese majors seek listing on American stock exchanges?

Yes, there are plenty of things wrong with the USA, and yes it may end up paying a dear price for its arrogance, aggression, and cruelty all over the world not to talk of its collapsing morality, ethics and social cohesion at home but there is nothing the matter with its economy.

I think your conclusion that the US economy is not tanking is blinkered. The US economy tanked in and would had crashed into a worse depression had not the Chinese held up the US economy the Chinese also held up Europe by holding up the German economy.

Alibaba is not the biggest Chinese company to list in the US. The US economy and the US dollar was viewed as safe haven becuase there was no alternative. The US dollar and the US economy became a bubble because of the global demand for the US dollar resulting from there being no alternative.

But, if you have been following the latest economic development, that had changed. The US economy is no longer the biggest, certainly not the strongest. The US dollar is no longer indispensable. Its stupendous, useless, egoistic and hubristic military spending and other factors will push the US economy down that very slippery slope to oblivion. Growth of government debt has exceeded even nominal GDP growth multiple times each year since Like Poland denied Nazi Germany war?

When Evil psychopaths attack you, you have war whether you wanted it or not. The consequence has not come yet. Those that expected that Russia would sink every American vessels and fire of off thermonuclear weapon at Washington, has no real connection to reality.

Such an action would be the dream of neocons and liberals in the western world. Russia will win as long as they can avoid a full on attack on Syria by USA and getting themselves dragged into a conflict with USA or one of its clients. Yes it is annoying that USA keeps bombing Syria, and yes it ruins the lives of the families that lose loved ones in such attacks.

But they do not hinder the progress of the Syrian army. Which likely will have wrapped up everything that is politically easy to wrap up in Syria this year. The border with Israel, Idlib and the kurds being the last more politically difficult parts.

In reality, Russia and Assad won from this attack I think, it made them look good internationally, it made USA look bad, Trumps supporters are in an uproar right now..

This is not like last year when the democrats supported his attack and his base kinda thought it was acceptable.. This time everyone thinks Trump is a lunatic, even his most fanatic supporters such as Alex Jones that has been being over backwards to protect Trump have lost hope in him…. Here Alex actually cries when he finds out what Trump did https: When Russia unified with Crimea, it lost the international moral initiative which it had, now, it is absolutely regained it.

This attack while it caused no damage to Russia or the war effort for Syria also gives Russia an excuse to do whatever it wants back. The consequence of the USA strike could be something like. Giving Syria more and more advanced pansirs. Giving Syria advance anti-ship missiles, enabling them to take out every USA ship off their coast.

Arming groups that oppose USA over the world state actors or non-state actors, either covertly or openly with advanced weapons. A purge of USA backed fifth columnists inside of Russia. The consequence will be something alone the line of causing long term severe consequence for USA but causing no problem for Russia or even being beneficial. But I believe that Spirit is the only thing that will sink the bastards.

Even Elijah P Magnier commented on this: They will use everything they have against us; so, we must preempt it, right now. Will Putin be pushed to the point of demanding to Beijing either to support him more closely or they break their biggest business ties? The Dubble Helix crowd are alien to reality, there is no such thing and China has no care for Russia except when it immediately impacts her own well being. Chinese are an alien people, alien culture, alien race, alien history, alien language, and they have no care for Russia.

They do have very powerful economic ties to USA. However the cold truth is that Russia is all alone. The weight of humanity rests on Russias shoulders. The Russian elites are as one with the global elites. The Russian people are being played the same way as all other people.

Horrific to think but, why should the Russian oligarchy be any less psychopathic than any other — wishful thinking only. They also have on ongoing economic rivalry with the US. Preliminary skirmishes in the South China Sea are the opening militarisation of this rivalry.

It is a fact of history that the rising power in this case China and its interests will clash with the declining power, the US, and its interests. And Geopolitics always trumps economics. All I will say is that if you are right, then the Neocons would have succeeded in driving a wedge between Russia and China.

A wedge between the Russian Elite and the Chinese Elite is a fantasy — they are of one class, oil or mass production can both lead to preposterous or viewpoint dependent, fabulous wealth. There is no wedge between the rest of the Russians and the rest of the Chinese but they are all of another class. The elite class parasitically manipulate and feed off the other class.

Barry described the basic problem most eloquently in his comment here above http: Further, there is no real difference between the parasitism of the Russian Oligarchy and the Western or Chinese or Global oligarchy, it is a parasitic class and Syria is the embodiment of the class war.

Remember, the Zio empire has a glass jaw. If Germany, a country the size of Texas, could hold it off for 6 years, Russia can endure. Has everyone already forgotten that the Chinese defense minister went to Moscow recently to express their support for Russia? And General Rudskoy already hinted at one of them, the S to Syria and to possibly some other countries. Following from that, the first thing Russia should do, a long with Iran, Hizbullah and Syria, is exactly what it has been doing: By the next time they try, it will be much better still.

Eyes on the prize. Russia has to impose a painful cost to the enemy without triggering a war. Russia needs to help Syria Russia should not do this herself to bring down a handful of Israeli jets and capture their pilots alive. You will see immediately of the situation changes once 2, 3 or 4 of those most precious of souls are captured.

Your head will spin. They will trade whatever they have to to get them back. Capturing American pilots would not have anywhere near the same effect. And British or French pilots? Nobody really cares about the hired help. Russia also has the option of soft retaliation. The empire has troops all over the world and faces insurgencies in many places. Sometimes accidents happen when you are fighting insurgencies. Believe me, I understand how disgusted you are by the situation. Defending Europe and the world from the mongols, the Prussians, the Swedes, Napoleon, the Turks, Hitler has earned Russia zero gratitude.

But nevertheless, many of us see. Even I, who am not a Christian, can see the analogy clear as day. Similar to US attack of uninhibited buildings, this response by a third party against an ally of US nominally ally, in reality the master would send the message, without too much of a risk. Your coments about the Israeli reaction to the loss of its planes and the capture of their pilots is right. Read the Israeli press and especially the comments that follow the stories.

Israeli hubris is not to be believed. Even Gorbachov says this was just a practice run I read this morning ———————————————. This is definitely not over. One is keep disengaging economically away from the Jewish financial institution, so that its economy can become truly independent.

In fact, Russia is the only country that can actually do it. Yes, it is super hard and perhaps painful but it is the only way. Another way, is to learn how to create more effective counter propaganda technics. Also, to accept the fact that in any conflict that matters — Russia is always alone. Nothing wrong with it. This would be a good start. China walking with half of the soul? In this moment, I remember my father taught me long ago, that the single most significant success of Zionist capitalists during past two hundred years of global empire building has been to destroy morality of individual persons and channelise social morality towards money and sexual perversion.

We all can see the effects today! But, hold on, your efforts and efforts of all other right minded activists will not be in vain. If history is any pointer, i am confident whether I live to see that day or not about: We shall overcome someday, Deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall overcome someday!

Do you think Russian people will allow themselves to be destroyed and become a colony of war the war criminals? It has been tried before. What other option does the AngloZionist Hegemony leave them with? My worry, too, Saker. Russia will kneel to no one.

CehSha and europe are pushing hard for that, for Russia to kneel in subservience to them. If he felt he could not get out of a confrontation without a fight, he would strike first and get in the telling blow. Who knows what else he has in his quiver besides what he told the west about.

So war will come no hope in WE — we all hope russia will do this for us — now or a few years later. Maybe russia knows who and what is the very core of this madnes and will take care than that they will be rooted out then. But what will overcome? Irrespective of the apparent deal with the us. Could they do anything? Dear Saker, Is there any evidence that 70 missiles were really intercepted?

As far as I know, not a single airplane was hit. During the agression on Yugoslavia in , a lot of Tomahawks were downed by simple triple A fire. This is a video showing part of the Strike on Damascus.

To me this looks like its more than 3 buildings getting hit. Putin and co are holding this world together. All the rest of Asia? I keep saying it is not over. This beast still has to completely crush Syria and Iran and smack down Russia as a bare minimum. I can barely stand to read the comments of many who are totally deluded. The growing refrain from those who you think should know better is spreading and getting louder: Assad is an animal who gassed his own people.

Russia is evil and never stopped being communist with plans for world hegemony. Trump is the savior. An absolutely brilliant man with his secret plan. He is so genius he has the entire AZ at his mercy. And on and on it goes. It reveals a deep spiritual sickness. I have read from some priests in Russia at the time of the revolution that demon activity was everywhere. Well, I think I know where those demons went and now reside.

I have to agree — this is not over. This is just the next stage in the AngloZionist attempted conquest of Syria. I am also sickened by those breathing a sign of relief. The next attack will just be bigger until Russia responds with force. Maybe that happened because nobody at the right time wanted to take a side and help out when it could have counted.

Well, we do know how it ended, nice future for our kids. No, indeed, it is not over. Why would China stop it? China will let the US and Russia waste their time, money, weapons, etc there. Then when the time is right, she will act, and become the new superpower. Here is a list of the non-permanent members of the UNSC: With just ONE vote the resolution would have passed….

Kazakhstan is a member of the SCO.. I am beginning to think the SCO is just hype. From what I saw of that meeting, many of the non-permanent members deliberately avoided voting in a traditional Cold War division. Because the US is so extreme on this issue, I expected to see an easy relatively alliance against them on this.

The politics seemed so thick between them that I doubted whether they could achieve consensus on the beverage options for the lunch menu, let alone anything of greater significance. They have issues, so to speak. Odd it may be from a realpolitik perspective, but it is good news for Russia and China. Unless you want to see the Germans again at Russian throats, because that is precisely what they will do if they are empowered politically.

I would much rather see a collective voice for Africa on the UNSC, a permanent voice complete with veto power. Their collective voice could potentially be neutral, their individual voices are not allowed to emerge by the empire. Note how some African countries changed their stance this week compared to their stance last week. Europe is much too pampered, has been for centuries now. Time for other people also to be heard, no more Europeans please.

The resolution was never going to pass. Thus, it does not matter how many voted in favor. The resolution was defeated. Especially when the US is infamous for blackmailing and armtwisting nations that vote against them.

Actually, you see this alot also in bodies like the US Congress. Thus a congressperson can vote a way that pleases the voters or the lobbyists and know that they are doing so with no impact on whether the measure passes or fails.

You sometimes see members of congress voting for and against the same bill so they can take either position in the next campaign! Anonymous, you are of course correct. Thank you for correcting my mistake.

I also understand perfectly your point about tactical voting. It would send a powerful message to the empire and the world if Russia were not so isolated in her diplomatic efforts, even if a resolution is vetoed!.. As Saker mentioned above noone seems to care about the higher values of international law. By keeping a low profile and abstaining these countries are basically confirming that there is no diplomatic way to stop the aggression. He used to beat all of us individually I was the youngest in the group — but then I would come behind him when he was not looking and hit him with a brick etc.

I hope the same thing does not happen to Russia — but if it does — just be prepared — and never trust psychopathic Anglo — west. Thus, the US has already declared Bolivia an enemy. At this point in time, the UNSC is blocked to both sides. Neither side can pass a UNSC resolution against the other. One side had 2 and now 3 vetos. The other side has 2 vetos. Which means that neither side can claim UNSC sanction for their wars.

Which in turn really makes any war illegal. Not that any of the Axis of Evil care about that. For the record, Trump violated the US Constitution in two ways at least by attacking Syria, thus, if the system were honest, he would now be impeached. Of course, the system is not honest, but it is highly rigged. The UNSC is now only for making speeches. Both sides then use these messages in their psyOps operations.

PsyOps is the right word because both sides now view propaganda as warfare by other means. The hearts and minds of everyone. Or at least those who are paying attention, and of course getting more to pay attention to your psyOps is a part of the battle as well.

The Russians make their case. Nutti Nikki screams, rants and threatens. Each is then used as propaganda both at their own people at home and at the rest of the world. One interpretation of these comments is that diplomacy is just a bunch of fancy talk to create fodder for psyops. While NATO and other military organizations may view it that way, from another perspective, making speeches in a public meeting like this, where a resolution is on the line, can serve to entrench or resolve conflict.

As part of a larger diplomatic strategy. Part of the so-called psyop then was head-chopping of communist Chinese by the British soldiers, I seem to recall. Kazakhstan is one of the founding members of the Eurasian Economic Union. But it has always made its position clear that its membership is based upon economic and not political union. So its vote was not all that surprising. The UN votes are illustrative of that moral victory.

Also, Qatar, Turkey and the Philippines switching sides are examples of moral victory. I agree with MK Bhadrakumar assessment of the strike on Syria over your assessment. Western centric thinking applied to Lao Tzu.

What the master is alluding to is the ability to defeat your base instincts. He who control his desire to choke the life out of somebody who deserves it, is mighty. Russia and China have stopped buying US Treasuries, in fact are selling down for gold. The deficit if 1. And China with the petro-yuan has tolled the death knell.

Added to that is the dysfunction of the US political system. The mid-terms will be very interesting. I doubt Trump will see out 1 term, never mind 2. It is the first time a cycle is ending with interest rates so low, so the trick of lowering them further cannot be used this time.

Even though hyperinflation is not happening because of globalised and cheap offer Richard Duncan , Western economies are slowly collapsing under the burden of debt Prof Steve Keen, Prof Michael Hudson. The global Ponzi scheme will soon end, with major geopolitical consequence. The US, being given their history, will probably go to full blown war where this can bring most economic gains.

The Chinese are fully aware of that, and are preparing for it All of their plans the OBOR initiative, the petro-yuan depend on a strong Russia, The Chinese will not let Russia go down, their own survival depend on Russia. I agree with you, Iris. The US military has the most dysfunctional bureaucracy in the world.

Almost as big as Wall Street. Given that they appear are so stridently confident that they know they are right, how could they not jump at the chance to show to the audiences of those programs how wrong are the world views that those programs promote? In reality, I expect that all these figures know full well that none of the self-serving lies that they are constantly peddling on the world stage would stand up for more than 5 minutes under proper public scrutiny, and so would decline any such requests, or ignore them altogether.

Whether or not these people agree to be scrutised on RT, Sputnik or PressTV, it can only help make the truth more obvous to more people. If Russia attacks the USA it will not be in a situation of escalation. The strike will be such that it will be unable to strike back in kind. The RF military chief has already hinted that Syria, plus others, could be given advanced systems like the S for air defence.

This will enable the Russian air defense system in Syria to be used with plausible deniability. It is a political economy in the early-mature stages of a global trade war.

The latest being Russian titanium supplies for Boeing. Now whose ceo and key shareholders are ringing the White House? Russian oligarchs pilling on Putin in an economic recovery cycle? The Russian-Syrian strategy is just grinding away at return to sovereignty and handover to Chinese reconstruction.

The new Syria 2. In other words, another nonsense statement designed to confuse the befuddled while he covertly droned away the wedding and children in far away places every Tuesday morning. You make the perfect case for pursuit of the means to ensure retaliatory measure by EVERY country on this planet: What and how I do not know. I will leave it to my betters to answer that. In my view, China has done far more to get itself out of AZ control and on the path to pursuing its national interests than Russia has.

It is depressing to read most Russian blogs as they keep harping on what needed to be done years ago. Yes and this Russian show with Yakov Kedmi really surprised and disturbed me: Actually, that line is about the only part of this article I agree with. Most of the rest I disagree with to some degree or other. The Saudi prisons must be empty by now. I think this attack has increased the chances of war with Russia going very hot, very soon. All that has happened is that raining missiles on Syria without real justification has now been largely accepted by the preternaturally relaxed public, making it more likely that there will be an encore with many more missiles employed, which will evoke the vigorous response that the Russians have warned will be their counter move.

From there, all bets are off………… Reply. This is what the Empire is challenging Russia to do. They have been warned, by Putin and the head of the Russian military.

Will they have the good sense to back off? With Trump in the mix, who knows? They are sending all the condemnations after everything has happened! What kind of coward attitude is this? This is hard to understand especially after all the cooperation between Russia and China!

After events in Ukraine Russia hasted to sign all the contracts with China which were under negotiations and were stuck on price points, Chinese of course looking for deals. The haste helped Chinese access to Russian technology and resources at throwaway prices sorry lost the source to this fact. Shame on Arabs and China! My personal experince with Chinese convinced me that the real God for them is money.

Beside collecting money by any means possible, these people have no other issue to talk or discuse. They showen zero interest in the geopolitics or the dire situation of the planet, or suffering of humanity. They did not show any emotional or sentiment towards what is happening in the World. Majority of them exprese some kind of inferiority complex towards West.

China Will soon or later betray Russia, They do not think about any higher moral or human value, heroism, solidarity, except for collecting money. They are the biggest disgrace for humanity and Muslims. Some of them are more aggressive then their masters in the West. If not for the virus of Wahabism which infected the body of many Muslims, there could emerge a true allience of Orthodox Christians and True muslims.

Such an allience would be undefeatable, even without money whorshiping China. Antoni, you know obviously what you are talking about. Especially since I myself am Chinese, and spent almost two decades coordinating the visit of Chinese officials and business folks to US, on behalf of the US government. This was my previous career, before I abandoned it and moved to Russia. The topic of China is delicate here in Russia. If one considers the total and basically psychotic enmity from the West, offer of friendship from China is a godsend.

One would not want to speak too undiplomatically about the Chinese mentality, and the current state of Chinese National psyche. If you read very carefully the articles written by high level advisors of Putin, you would see that they harbor no illusions. I am convinced that president Putin is a patriot, and when he meets this type of people, he recognized right away what they were, whether they were Russian or Chinese. The overseas Russian get very emotional at such trying times for their motherland.

I more than relate to that. But they show a natural tendency to idealize everything about Russia, and gets instantly suspicious on hearing a different opinion. The same eagerness to believe is now extended to the new great Asian ally of Russia.

I wrote something a couple of days ago to the same effect. The moderator even did not allow me to post. I hope now that this war charade has temporarily abated, the moderator would regain a minimal level of calmness and openness for dialogue. The real power and fearlessness is not about numbers. It is about soul and its vibrant energetic radiation. How can a small movement of people like Hizbullah be more vibrant and fearless and outspoken against oppression and international criminals then the so called giant nation of China?

How could Bolivia a small nation can be so to the point then China? How can Iran Persia with its 70 millions people and totally surrounded by Kosher Nostra mafia can be so brave and standing tall against the international oppressors of humanity in compare to China, which doing practically nothing? It is not about numbers, it is about power of soul, about life philosophy, about way of life, about believe in true and one God.

So that is way Persians historically influenced humanity more then anything China can dream of. There is reason why King Cyrus, is mentioned several times in Bible.

There is a reason why Saadi poetry about humanity is written in the entrance of UN:. Human beings are members of a whole, In creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, Other members uneasy will remain. But perhaps, the most significant solid power and force which has not only the soul of justice, solidarity and humanity, but even instrument of physical power and ability to fight back a total war is Mother Russia.

Despite its shortcomings, Russia is a gift from God, Russia is the historic Rom of our time, mentioned in Sura 30 of Quran Russia may be is the second period of Zul-Qarnain mentioned in the Sura 18 of Quran. Russia is an exceptional Caucasian White race, i personally do not believe in race people, if we exclude Persians as Caucasians which does not participate in the oppression of non-Europeans and blocking the total subjugation of planet by Western and its minions.

When you talk with Russians and Westerners, you will immediately recognize the difference. Russians are not arrogant and it is exactly what Quran describing a kind of Christians, who are not arrogant, but a people with love and affection. I have no illusions, but i talking in general terms, i talking about sum of all vectors and direction of this common vector.

Numbers are not important, historically majority always were wrong. Truth is still truth even you are a minority. So, the conclusion is that, if I am right and if Russia is righteous and just and hold on rope of God, no force of this plant can defeat Russia.

Russia does not need China, China is not a nation of ideology, faith or religion, they only believe in money, which is also the god of Western world and its minions. China is not a natural ally of Mother Russia, natural ally of Russia is nations with believe in God, justice, solidarity, soul and judgment day.

My personal encounter with Chinese convinced me that they have a completely different mindset and I was completely disappointed. Yow Darius my man, you speak the truth.

And if one might add, a preparedness to die, a simplicity and gentleness of character. Degeneration afflicted many nations, comes in many forms, it can be a well-mannered and finely dressed German so proud of himself, it can be an oily and greedy petty Chinese businessman, it can be a Mercedes driving Arab in front of some big hotel in Dubai.

Globalism is a satanic cult of our times. They are huge in numbers, but their souls are small, enslaved, and twisted. We have no fear of them. I agree with everything you said. I will take a more wait and see approach with China. I hope for the sake of the world they jump onboard. Ultimately the issue is materialism. The Anglo zios want to deal with a world in which everyone has a price on their head, so they can be easy to buyout and compromised.

Since the Zionists are the one with the most capital, anyone who wants a piece of the world, will have to go through them. So that materialistic outlook the Chinese have, can be a huge opening for the zios to exploit. The state of the Arab leaders are even more pitiful.

A bunch of animals who are enslaved to their lusts, and desires. I would tell them to enjoy it, because their end will not be good. Most of them have sold out to the highest bidder Zionists a ling time ago. Imagine how many would die in a war. What is happening is acceptable and necessary losses. Russia and China understand this.

Provide advanced defensive weapons well-ahead of time so that the Syrians themselves can impose a cost. In addition what the Russians have already done, why is Russia not selling advanced anti-ship and anti-aircraft weapons to countries in the cross-hairs of the West?

Often, they talk about selling S to Syria. Now imagine, Syria has Bastion, anti-sub weapons, and S There will be costs to the West in this case. I think, this possibility is something Russia can do. Why wait, as it is obvious that promises by the West are basically lies. Despite, dismantling the CW, the same argument is used to justify the attack. The Skripal case uses this method against Russia itself. Those weapons was not re-sold to USA to make them research it and either clone or devise countermeasures or both.

The attack was pretty clearly highly coreographed and followed strict rules that were not violated. The US provided a turkey shoot for the Syrian AD restricting the missile flight path to lanes with no typical deviations to confuse the AD.

There was insistence that an attack must occur, despite Russian objections. The US and Russian militaries worked out a way for this to occur as safely as possible. Good that they pulled it off safely as it implies a high level of competence and discipline on both sides. It seems likely from public behavior that the Pentagon thought this a bad idea and was fully aware of the dangers. China is wearing a mask in public but is not pleased and has offered some diplomatic support in public.

I rate the situation as highly dangerous, unpredictable, with a great deal going on behind the scenes. As an addendum b over at moa has pointed out in his summary that while the US Defense Dept is claiming only 3 targets Russian and Syrian sources claim many more, specifically airports.

I also read that B1s, I believe, used laser guided bombs in the attack and I have no idea what the targets were as all discussion has focused only on the cruise missiles. Perhaps more sites were targeted than was agreed upon. I see this as hopeful — Russia does have friends in Europe, although the remain afraid or without the power to assist openly. Postings in various places suggest that the US deviated from the agreed on plan and that the Russian jets that scrambled near the end of the attack put a stop to further deviations.

Perhaps a broken promise like this led to the specific assertions of disrespect. However, I think Russian behaviour is consistent with the long game strategy. Syria lost three buildings and its citizens were celebrating in the streets. The US had the bulk of its missiles shot down. This is quite simply posturing by the Empire. If anything its the opposite. I think the US will try again.

Its attempt will be no more powerful or successful than what just occurred. They will continue to do so for many years yet. They will continue the delusional narrative delivered ad nauseam to its own people for another decade at least. I am encouraged by the last 48 hours. I admire Russian restraint. I have for years now and I expect to continue to do so for some time yet. As former analyses of you spoke of, the russians Lack the number of planes etc the Wallstreet-fascists have.

This time they will use to speed up the stuff they need. The stuff Putin spoke off in his march speech. The provocation as much to to with it I guess.

And time Saker is not at the Side of the US, as the petro dollar Will be replaced and their debts Will reach astronimical figures. Remember China is a creditor of this fascist regime. Simply stop funding this moron shit. Why did China buy worthless state-papers from the US?? The americans didnt dare to kill Any russian a hoge difference to the event Pompeo was bluffing about.

If they sell off the Treasuries than that illusion with evaporate in hyperinflation. The Russians are only waist deep into the Global Economy, they probably can crawl out with some effort — the Chinese are up to their eyeballs in it, they cannot.

China was being pragmatic and keeping its major market afloat. Little point in being the factory of the world if the world stops buying what you produce through lack of liquidity. I have faith in the Chinese leadership—they are ordinary people like everyone else but their culture and mindset gives them a clever edge that the west has lost, long ago.

China is not bowing down. However, the Saker is being too pessimistic. For Russia to have taken the bait and reacted reflexively would have been counterproductive. As things stand, no escalation occurred, and Russia comes out looking cool-headed and mature. In effect the good guys. The US is in sharp decline. To engage the US unless absolutely necessary would work to favour the US and against the rising powers of China and Russia.

These were British weapons produced at Porton Down in Salisbury. Sources in Damascus told us that representatives of Oman in Damascus approached the Russian Office of Reconciliation on behalf of Britain for the return of British chemical warfare personnel. We have received no further information since, Damascus has remained silent on how or if negotiations were proceeding. We were told that not only was a command facility captured with modern weapons but a stockpile of British made 81mm poison gas mortar shells, numbering in the hundreds, was seized as well.

Regarding Russian response, my feeling is Russia recived plenty of assurance the US was unwilling to hit Russian facilities, and got special corridors for attacks. The Russians could sit this out and watch and the US failed in a major way again militarily against only Syrian defenses. I think it is a wise principle for Russia to avoid the temptation to reveal the real power of its weapons prematurely until there is a real need for them at which time they may be a rather significant surprise.

After the bombing of Friday night is it even conceivable that the US could ever gain air superiority over the Russian homeland? Yes the attack was made with second-tier missiles at third-rate targets without the element of surprise and poorly coordinated, but it was still easily repelled by a combination of Soviet-era junk and modern EW equipment and radars.

The Russians will win easily simply because they are tougher and more prepared. They may not desire that outcome, but of all people they probably have the best chance to survive. Except if the nukes end up being released by accident or through escalation. So the Russians, being just about the only moral actors around, have a moral responsibility not to fight back until there is no other choice.

Not that all western nations or the people within them are immoral actors, the greater population and smaller countries are just bystanders. I am not convinced the US used second-tier missiles.

These were launched from active duty warships and I can only assume it is the standard cruise missile weapon employed. There is way too much not yet known about the details of this operation. As I say, so much is not yet known. Here comes this important question of purely tactical nature which many flag-waving uber-patriots miss completely, while, I am sure, Pentagon and not only, is puzzled with what went wrong. The question is not about excellent performance of Syrian AD—what and how about this performance are being unveiled with each passing hour.

Absolutely, no doubt it. There are still no firm numbers about the number of intercepted JASSMs, what is clear, however, is the fact that many of them were intercepted. But that is purely technological aspect, however influential for operational and strategic levels. Truly global, geopolitical issue is this, as Apps concludes:. Therein lies one of the greatest challenges of this situation.

Bush administration was relieved to find that Russia — then still in the hands of Mikhail Gorbachev — was inclined to avoid turning the conflict into a Cold War-style standoff.

In the years that followed, successive U. Putin has now successfully signaled that those days are entirely over. It has just begun. In any event Daniel says Damascus will have terror fall upon it at night and become a smoking ruin byvmorning.

So Damascus will fall to align reality with prophecy. In the third act, the Empire cuts its losses and gets the fuck out of the ME because it no longer has interests there.

They are really the worst allies ever. In the epilogue Russia becomes the main broker in the ME and balances out the competing interests while keeping the peace.

Nobody wants these douche bags around anymore. America goes back to squabbling in South America and Asia where it arguably does have strategic interests. The world Zio-Massonic movement has just shown that it can not dispense with provocations and plots that can unleash bloody world wars. Just remembering, it is always England and Judea that press for war as they did in or release the great and relentless butcher — the only true holocaust — ! There is another possibility: The US openly telegraphed the coming strikes.

Syria and Russia cleared some areas for the West to hit that would result in no injuries to personnel and limited damage to infrastructure. What form those consequences take will tell us if these countries are merely dancing a rather peculiar dance together or whether they are about to starting fighting in earnest.

So far Russia has been playing it cool as a cucumber, but these strikes — empty as they might have been — demand some sort of response or Russia will risk looking weak.

The fly in the ointment is Israel and their attack on an Iranian base within Syria that reportedly killed 20 Iranian officers. Saker, many commenters here give me the impression that they will go to any lengths to reassure themselves that we are not teetering on the brink of all out nuclear war.

All of their theories and reasonings seem to avoid facing that grim reality. Is that also your impression, or have I misjudged your position? I think this blog may have misread China. That is foolish sign of weakness. As if Russia was still believing in the goodness of the west, as if it just needed to be awakened. What Russia is doing, every time, not just in this Skripal case, but in every senseless and ruthless attack, accusations about cyber hacking, invading Ukraine, annexing Crimea, and not to speak about the never-ending saga of Russia-Gate, Russian meddling and hacking into the US Presidential elections, favoring Trump over Hillary.

So, why even respond? Why even trying to undo the lies, convince the liars that they, Russia, are not culpable? Why does Russia not just break away from the west? Accept that you are not wanted in the west, that the west only wants to plunder your resources, your vast landmass, they want to provoke you into a war where there are no winners, a war that may destroy entire Mother Earth, but they, the ZionAnglo handlers of Washington, dream that their elite will survive to eventually take over beautiful grand Russia.

The Bashing is a means towards the end. The more people are with them, the easier it is to launch an atrocious war. The Skripal case is typical.

The intensity with which this UK lie-propaganda has been launched is exemplary. It has brought all of halfwit Europe — and there is a lot of them — under the spell of Russia hating. Nobody can believe that May Merkel, Macron are such blatant liars… that is beyond what they have been brought up with. A lifelong of lies pushed down their throats, squeezed into their brains.

Even if something tells them — this is not quite correct, the force of comfort, not leaving their comfort zone- not questioning their own lives — is so strong that they rather cry for War, War against Russia, War against the eternal enemy of mankind. The West is fabricating a new Iron Curtain.

You draw your consequences. Dear President Putin, Dear Mr. Let them rot in their insanity. Give all embassy staff a week to vacate your country, then you abolish and eviscerate the embassy the same way the US abolished your consulates in Washington and San Francisco — a bit more than a year ago.

Surely you have not forgotten.

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