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To open an new account in zerodha, How long it will take? Hello Sir, I am looking to invest around Rs. Is it advisable to go for a discount broker or a full-service broker? I have demat and trading accounts eg- India Bulls, way2wealth, Icici direct. Yes you can have as many account as you want. Only issue can be there could be an AMC associated with some of the account and in case you are not using it, I would advise you to close them.

Hello sir, I want to start investing in stock market. I already have demat account in HDFC. Is it pissible to open trading account alonewith zerodha or do I have to open both trading and demat accounts? Please let me know. It is possible but not advisable. But in case you want to sell it, it will not show in Zerodha trading account.

So you will have to sell it from your HDFC trading account and you would end up paying higher brokerage charges. I am planning to open an account with zerodha and have this weird question. No not that i am a hypochondriac but just wanted to know what happens to the money in my trading in case of untimely death.

Is there any nomination facility or how can my kin claim the money. Asking this specifically since i am planning to trade with a significantly large sum. You can add a nominee while opening a trading account.

In case of your death, the account would be transferred to your nominee. Yes people from all over India can open account with Zerodha. You should just have PAN card, address proof and bank account. Sir, I am planning to open a trading account with Zerodha.

I have several questions. I request an answer asap. Sincere thanks in advance for your effort and time, in answering the questions. How many bank accounts I can link to the trading account at a time? Should all the accounts be indicated at the time of opening the trading account itself, or can I add additional accounts at a later point of time?

Are there any specific banks, the accounts of which can not be linked? I am reading varied reviews some good, some bad about the ease and speed of trasferring funds from- and to- Zerodha trading account. Notwithstanding all the claims that I read in your web pages, what is the average time it takes under practical conditions for funds transfer? I log into both TradeRacer and their web based portal simultaneously, and keep them open on two different screens.

This way I can key-in my trades faster. This is really advantageous. Do you allow intraday margin trading both for buying and short-selling? Do you allow carrying over the intraday positions overnight? Do you allow short-selling in delivery based positions? That were a lot of questions, but I hope I will get quick answers.

I will try to answer your question point by point 1 You can link the bank account but not the demat account. You can transfer the demat shares if you want. Payout may take upto 24 hours max.

For the rest of questions, I would advise you to provide your details at zerodha. Dear Samved Sinho, thanks for your prompt answers. I feel point 6 is only partly answered. I read on Zerodha website the following: Active clients are those with at least Rs 10, in their trading account, or who have executed at least 30 trades in the last 6 months, or 20 trades in the last 3 months, or 10 trades in the last 1 month.

I intend to do much more trading than this, but still would like to get clafification. Thanks in advance Regards. I mean I will hold the account with percentage broker only for receiving research emails. But will open a trading and demat account with Zerodha.

In case research tests are not required, I will close the account with percentage broker. Yes you can do that. A person can have as many account as he want. There is no limit on the number of accounts you may have. For delivery based trades, the brokerage is Zero. So in this case, the brokerage will be Zero but there would be other government charges which you have to pay.

If i sell where will my money be credited. Do i Have to link my bank with discount brokers. If so give the list of banks that can be linked. The money comes to your trading account. You have to put in a payout request to transfer money to the bank which is associated with your trading account.

This process can be completed online. How can I transfer my stocks in your account if I opened account with you. And what will be charges for account and brokerage for NRI. Please provide your detials for Zerodha here and we will contact you with the process of account transfer. Hi Samved, How much brokerage do Zerodha charge for trading in commodities? How is it for trading commodities with Zerodha?

They charge a flat brokerage of Rs 20 per trade for commodities also. Dear Sir, Please clarify the below: For the intra day do you charge Rs 20 per trade or 0. What could be your brokerage.

Whether you consider two boys and one sell or one buy and one sell. The lower of Rs 20 or. The brokerage will be charged for both ways ie buying and selling. This scenario have three trade happening, 2 on buy side and 1 on sell side. So total brokerage will be Rs 60 in this case. If in case you ordered shares in the morning but got executed at 10 and rest at Again, I buy of the same company at at 11AM and sell at at So it is my total brokerage for having made 3 buy and sell of X company.

So what is my total brokerage of one buy and sell order. AS you made 3 buy order and 3 sell order, the brokerage you have to pay will be Rs In this case you just made 1 buy and 1 sell trade.

So the total brokerage in this case would be Rs Rs 20 for buy side and Rs 20 for sell side. Just remember that the brokerage is decided by the number of trade and not the volume. No a foreigner cannot open a Demat account in India. The above reviews are very much usefull for me, since i am a beginner in Shares. Please clarify me the following Doubts. Please clarify 4 I read that, we need to Login to the Back office and we have to give the Request for the Fund Withdrawl.

What it is actually? Intraday — Buy and sell the stock on the same day. This is separate from the trading platform which the brokers provide.

Backoffice is use to keep track of your portfolio, payins, payouts etc. Sir, is Zerodha charge both side brokerage for intraday also. I mean on selling an buying in intraday trade. Yes the brokerage is charged on both side but irrespective of the volume of the trade. So if you buy 1 lot or 10 lot, the brokerage charges would be a fixed Rs 20 per trade. Sir, I held a trading account with India Bulls with demat account in icici.

But I did not continue with Indiabulls for the past 8 years. But my demat account with icici is still active. Can I open a trading account with you and operate my icici demat account? You have to transfer the Demat account share to our Demat account. You can find more information by proving you contact details at Zerodha account open and some one from our team will call you.

Zerodha is direct broker of NSE? Pi is NSE software or third party software? No means what is the transfer service charges in NEFT? They offer NEFT transfer from most of the bank. You can provide your details to them here https: They told me that they can open a demat accnt without any cost.

So can i use that account to start trading with zerodha or any other broker. And is there any charges for opening a trading account. Is there any charges for maintaining the trading and demat account please specify. Is it safe to link my bank account with the broker so that i could pay them instantaneously. There is a small charge around Rs for opening a account with Zerodha.

It is completely safe to link your Bank account with your broker. They cannot take any money until you authorize them to do so. Yes they do accept NRI clients. You can find more details here http: Can I have only one demat account across multiple brokers separated only by their own individual trading accounts?

But if you plan to take delivery of shares you do need a Demat account. Simply put, Demat is nothing but a safe to keep shares and until you have it, you cannot take delivery of shares. You can transfer the demat account from you older broker or open as many Demat account as you want. It is easy to transfer Demat account to them from other brokers.

In case you have no share in the Demat account, you can just close the account. I would suggest you to close the trading and Demat account at the brokers where you will not be using it. You can open the account at Zerodha here https: Yes NRI can open account with Zerodha. They do have different requirements. You can find more details for NRI accounts with Zerodha at http: I have a Demat account with Reliance and would like to start a new account with you so that I can transfer my holdings to your custody.

Further, what are your charges i. Is it fixed or transaction based? Yes you can transfer the Demat account to Zerodha. There is account opening charge of Rs for opening the Demat account. Once opened the charges for Demat accout is Rs per year. I have demat Account with SBI. Yes you can open trading account with Zerodha.

In case you want to keep the SBI account as it is, that is also possible. I had demat and trading account with ICICI if i opened account with zerodha without closing icici direct account is there any compliance will occur or not? For trading account Zerodha charges Rs and for Demat Rs It is one of the most advanced platform provided by any Indian broker.

Dear sir, My current trading account is in Sharekhan with demate account. Now i want to change my trading company, is it possible to leave sharekhan and change my current existing demate account to your tradding company?

Yes Anil it is possible. You have to send the same to Zerodha and then they will transfer the share from Sharekhan Demat to your new Demat account.

No I don't think so because share holders are getting Robbed with every trick in the Market Makers Book I hope is a better year for all Bank share holders!!!!!! There goes the special dividend Banks fear Britain's departure from the European Union could cause a spike in bad loans with corporate clients, if it leads to delays in cross-border shipments and payments or big swings in sterling.

To protect against these risks some banks are extending credit early to companies and selling insurance against volatility in sterling. It said it may need to top up the pot again. It has identified nearly 2, at-risk companies across several sectors it believes are exposed to a Brexit fallout.

Credit being offered by RBS includes increased import and export funding, supply chain finance and bigger working capital lines for everyday operations, Slevin said. It is logging where credit is taken up due to Brexit to track the impact. But take-up has been slow so far and small firms are not as prepared as they ought to be, Slevin said.

So it's a slow burn. Great stuff - time for capital to be returned to shareholders. The FSB's list is a compilation of all banks required to hold extra capital equivalent to at least one per cent of its risk-weight assets, due to their size and impact on the global financial system. The list was started to gain the help of large banks in shielding taxpayers from any future crashes. RBS was at one point the world's largest bank. The released capital previously reserved for the list can now be returned to UK shareholders.

UK banks are in much better shape now then maybe 5 and even 10 years back. Just as RBS and Lloyds starts to get to grips with things this Brexit cr p has to start when will this political stuff ever end Politics has always been a difficult pill for many but the economy still carry's on All this Brexit chatter will all be history one day and the banks share price will recover At times like this you will find all the greedy mugs come out of the wood works to knock everyone to bits so they can make good money from buying cheep same old history repeating itself To be fair they pledged to launch a consultation on doing this in May , I interpret this as examining the evidence first before making a final decision.

No wonder the sp tanked today. The Labour party has pledged in its manifesto to break up RBS …. Could not make it up I would suggest putting your money on the green party mate!

If you want to take a long punt! I doubt if conservative government would survive that long. It is most likely that we would have general election in , after briexit negotiation would be resolved.

It is also possible that we might have another referendum on Briexit in followed by general election. So I think, government would wait for some years before all of RBS is privatized and if Labour comes, that wait could be decade. But then, as things are turning into, it might be better for treasury if wait is prolonged. Not greek, but german:

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