Swiss National Bank

RO. Recueil officiel du droit official/Amtliche Sammlung des Bundesrechts (official compilation of federal legislation) FF. Feuille fédérale/Bundesblatt der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft.

Daher müssen Institutionen Strategien und Lösungen zu ihrem Selbstschutz entwickeln. Together with the federal authorities, the National Bank participates in international monetary cooperation and provides technical assistance. Monetary policy affects production and prices with a considerable time lag.


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During the Bank was described as a joint-stock company acting under the administration and supervision of the Confederation. It had eight branches and twenty sub-branches within cantons. The governing board had overall executive management of the Nationalbank, with supervision entrusted to its shareholders, the banks' council, the banks' committee, its local committees and auditing committee.

There were three members of the governing board, who together decided the monetary policy of the Nationalbank. Towards the end of , there were employees. With the inception of Article 99 of the Federal Constitution, in May , the Nationalbank achieved formal independence. The Nationalbank made an announcement on 6 September , of its intention to address changes in the value of the Swiss Franc to the Euro.

More specifically, that it wanted the value of the Franc to fall below 1. A cap was placed on exchange-rates [13] in order to take measures to stem the development of a possible recession. The bank stated the 1. The basic governing principles of the Nationalbank are contained within Article 99 of the Federal Constitution, which deals with matters of monetary policy. The SNB is therefore obliged by constitutional statute law to act in accordance with the economic interests of Switzerland. The Nationalbank publishes within its own site a list of research done as work in progress by staff members, which begin at 2 papers , to 2 , 11 , 17 , 19 , 16 , 19 , 14 , 16 , 11 , 13 , and to 1 August there is shown nine papers, [19] a list of eight economic studies which relate to the tasks of the bank, listed from , [20] in addition to a bi-annually published update of research, listed from to the present.

The National Bank is entrusted with the note-issuing privilege. It supplies the economy with banknotes that meet high standards with respect to quality and security.

It is also charged by the Confederation with the task of coin distribution. In the field of cashless payment transactions, the National Bank provides services for payments between banks. The National Bank manages currency reserves. These engender confidence in the Swiss franc, help to prevent and overcome crises and may be utilized for interventions in the foreign exchange market. The National Bank contributes to the stability of the financial system by acting as an arbiter over monetary policy.

Within the context of this task, it analyses sources of risk to the financial system, oversees systemically important payment and securities settlement systems and helps to promote an operational environment for the financial sector. Together with the federal authorities, the National Bank participates in international monetary cooperation and provides technical assistance. The National Bank acts as banker to the Swiss Confederation.

It processes payments on behalf of the Confederation, issues money market debt register claims and bonds, handles the safekeeping of securities and carries out money market and foreign exchange transactions. The National Bank compiles statistical data on banks and financial markets, the balance of payments, the international investment position and the Swiss financial accounts. The Swiss National Bank invests its assets, particularly in the stock market.

In , its share portfolio stood at billion Swiss francs. According to its guidelines, it "avoids shares in companies which produce internationally banned weapons, seriously violate fundamental human rights or systematically cause severe environmental damage". Since , environmental associations and academics criticise the fact that these investments do not take into account the Paris Climate Agreement article 2 and are responsible for at least 50 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions in The Swiss National Bank pursues a monetary policy serving the interests of the country as a whole.

It must ensure price stability, while taking due account of economic developments. Monetary policy affects production and prices with a considerable time lag.

Consequently, it is based on inflation forecasts rather than current inflation. The General Meeting of Shareholders is held once a year, as a rule in April. The Bank Council oversees and controls the conduct of business by the Swiss National Bank and consists of 11 members. The Bank Council sets up four committees from its own ranks: The Governing Board is responsible in particular for monetary policy, asset management strategy, contributing to the stability of the financial system and international monetary cooperation.

The Governing Board consists of 3 members:. The SNB manages the official gold reserves of Switzerland, which as of amount to tonnes and are valued at It published a photograph of the bullion that a keystone photographer was allowed to take at the SNB premises in Bern in Der Bund also quoted a retired official of the city's surveying office as saying that the gold vaults take up an area of roughly half the Federal Square and have a depth of dozens of meters, down to the level of the Aar river.

Bank of England and Bank of Canada. From the latter years of the s until sometime during , the Nationalbank transferred from its possession incompetently, when the gold price was at its historic low [29] half of its gold reserves, following the Nazi gold affair.

The Swiss National Bank provided 1. In addition the Nationalbank also exchanged between 1. This new second edition has been updated to include coverage of fintech and neurofinance, an extension of behavioral finance that is beginning to gain traction in the private banking space. Working closely with clients entails deep interpersonal give and take.

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