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The Treasury futures market sort of runs the place, but it isn’t always a straightforward process from which to drive analysis. What we do know is that December has been a total the stock market, of all places, the S&P entered the month on an upswing.

Although gold futures contracts are expensive to trade , they are a popular hedging choice against global currencies and poor market conditions. Increasingly gigantic amounts of money have been sent to Wall Street to play these zero sum, nonproductive games. French President Nicolas Sarkozy gave the keynote address at the World Economic forum in Davos, in which he said: The SEC has done its part to discourage money managers from exercising the rights of corporate democracy. This raises concerns regarding the future evolution of the profit margins of the EU industry.

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The deep level of liquidity and long-term trending qualities of the eurodollar futures market present opportunities for small and large traders alike.

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