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Owner and founder of Impact Baseball, Inc. (est. ) and Dirtbags Baseball, LLC (est. ). Partin pioneered the Dirtbags baseball program to becoming one of .

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Owner and founder of Impact Baseball, Inc. (est. ) and Dirtbags Baseball, LLC (est. ). Partin pioneered the Dirtbags baseball program to becoming one of .

As a player, your best chance to impress is by being a physically big, high-school player that tears up the competition when scouts are watching. Scouts love to dream and vision what a kid might become some day…. Being young is your best ally and signing for more money will give you that much more attention and opportunities. In , it is easier than ever before to get noticed. Find a school where you are going to play.

You might pitch 95 but if you are a freshman at Stanford you might not throw 1 inning. Do what works for you and focus on your strengths…. Indy ball is still a very great league and most Indy players have and would be superstars in college ball. Now more than ever players are getting 2nd, 3rd and 14th chances because if you can play, you will be found. Remember that college, minor league and Independent ball is not glamorous whatsoever. Players in the minor leagues and in school are usually very poor and roughing it and living in harsh conditions trying to advance….

The guys in the big leagues got there by getting good at the little things. You can make a team by becoming the best bunter or having the best range. Work on the things you can control. A pitcher who throws 80 should learn how to pitch and get outs, instead of trying to overpower hitters.

Help teams win ballgames. You might hit a double off the fence but struck out 3 times….. In JUCO, several guys had much better numbers, were taller, heavier, threw harder, had better control but most of my league never advanced. Do the little things right and never stop learning. Tons of people passed on me but you just need 1 person to believe in you and every single game is a fresh slate to start over.

Korea is seriously underrated here. But yes, there are also a bunch of A to even Rookie league level players playing in the same league. I did put in a caveat that noted that it was definitely on the rise, for the reasons you mention. Of the 5 Olympic gold medals in baseball to , the U.

Cuba won three and South Korea won one. Maybe the politics of were a contributing factor to why baseball and softball were dropped, but they had plenty of other challenges. Neither sport has that much participation or interest in Europe, and Europeans make up a large amount of the IOC board and hierarchy. The other absolutely major problem for baseball is that MLB players, the best and most famous baseball players in the world, never participated in the Olympics.

In any case, baseball and softball are back in the Olympics in I suspect that the Cuban league has declined from High-A to a lower level of talent over the past few years. I do agree that the consensus was High-A equivalent back in see http: Since then, however, tons of talent has left for the U. The very best players in Cuba would have been promoted beyond A-ball in the U.

Cuban league; yeah definitely; the drain there has been pretty significant. Even when all those players were still there it was tough to gauge its talent level. It seems like perhaps it was like an Independent league … but an Indy league that had guys playing in it who would be all stars if they could find a job in the MLB.

So how do you average out the top of a league with its bottom? Yeah this post needs revisiting for sure. Its more than 5 years old now and things have changed in some of these leagues. This is the one I find most difficult to rate. The players are basically amateurs getting paid almost nothing per week. I agree; its kind of tough to rate Cuba these days. Even more so now that literally all their top talent has left.

Korea has taken big step up for sure. What do you think the equivalents are for those leagues? I say this because you definitely see players making their way from the Mexican league to affiliated baseball here and there, but its rare to find a superstar. Yeah definitely big step up, probably mid-AAA as you say. I think its remained the 1 foreign league to the MLB while its nearest competitor Korea has leapt up in competitiveness.

He did say, though, that JWBL players would likely have difficulty with velocity at […]. The Baseball Bat Reviews Blog. Came across this article while doing researching about international baseball league, very interesting read I quite enjoyed it.

Taiwan and China both have their own baseball league. They are actually quite different in league structure and format. Todd, I was wondering where you would rate the Pecos League in the list, and is it the lowest of the Independents? Mail will not be published. The Journalist template by Lucian E. Marin — Built for WordPress. Nationals Arm Race "… the reason you win or lose is darn near always the same — pitching.

What are non-MLB associated baseball league talent equivalents? Written by Todd Boss January 9th, at 9: Posted in Baseball in General , Local Baseball Tagged with atahualpa severino , brandon mccarthy , clay davenport , dave cameron , eury perez , ivan rodriguez , james pidutti , jesus flores , jose abreu , kiley mcdaniel , mike roth , stephen strasburg , wilson ramos , yasiel puig , yu darvish , yunesky maya.

Luke Erickson 9 Jan 12 at Thanks for the feedback. Todd Boss 9 Jan 12 at Mark L 9 Jan 12 at 8: Eugene in Oregon 11 Jan 12 at 9: Todd Boss 11 Jan 12 at 2: JRUD 21 Apr 15 at 1: Jo 1 Oct 15 at Todd Boss 2 Oct 15 at James Pidutti 10 Apr 16 at 2: Todd Boss 10 Apr 16 at 8: Any questions, I will always give a good, honest reply.

James Pidutti 11 Apr 16 at James Pidutti 11 Apr 16 at 1: Nix 1 May 17 at 3: Todd Boss 1 May 17 at 3: Dave 20 May 17 at Dave 22 May 17 at 1: This post needs revisiting; i think its 4 years old now but still gets a ton of looks. Todd Boss 23 May 17 at Hugh 10 Sep 17 at 5: Todd Boss 10 Sep 17 at 8: Hugh 11 Sep 17 at 9: Todd Boss 11 Sep 17 at Hugh 11 Sep 17 at 1: Todd Boss 11 Sep 17 at 1: The league includes the following teams: The Dodge City A's returned to the league once again in after leaving in The Twins joined the league in The team previously played in the Walter Johnson League.

The Broncos officially moved from Wichita to El Dorado for the season. The Broncos had previously been located in Hutchinson before moving to Wichita. Griffins were members of the Jayhawk League, but they switched leagues. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Dodge City A's Baseball.

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