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The US Department of Veterans Affairs provides patient care and federal benefits to veterans and their dependents. Home page for the Veterans Information Portal provides links to veterans benefits and services, as well as information and resources for other Departmental programs and offices.

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The Home Energy Efficiency Score (HERS) Index Score The HERS Index Score is the one number that tells you how energy efficient a home really is.

This new, free app provides you with multiple views of your saved rosters, including a standard print-style list, a "card view" with individual cards for each unit, a mobile view optimized for use on the iPhone, or a simple text summary, tournament summary or model list. Find out more about the Army Builder Roster Viewer now! For miniatures gamers, the Army Builder brand roster construction tool is as vital as glue and paint. But why have over 40, miniatures gamers chosen Army Builder?

Army Builder streamlines the creation of army lists, providing "point-and-click" simplicity and virtually eliminating mistakes. Instead of spending an hour to create a roster, it now takes a few minutes.

Army Builder's validation engine constantly checks your roster against the rules for the game, flagging any errors with pinpoint accuracy. Since Army Builder takes care of the math for you, you can quickly experiment with different ideas and refine your army list.

Add a new item, subtract some models from a unit, change the rules for the roster - Army Builder instantly recalculates points totals and revalidates the roster, allowing you to make changes in seconds.

When your roster is complete, Army Builder can print out an invaluable "quick reference sheet" for use during game play, saving time and reducing costly errors. Between games, you can harness all this power and easily experiment with new army ideas. Army Builder will save you hours of preparation, speed up game play, reduce mistakes, and even open up the door to new possibilities in your favorite games.

Even one of these benefits would be worth the investment, but Army Builder offers all of them. It's no wonder Army Builder has revolutionized the world of tabletop miniatures gaming. Leave them at 25 watts and replace the fan yearly. Ever had to tighten or remove the SO antenna connector on an older mobile radio?

Usually it's an SO with a round nut that requires a special spanner wrench to fit it. Here's an easy to make tool that will make the job a whole lot easier. While this happened to some MaraTracs, it can also happen to a lot of other remote-mount radios that have control head cables and connectors. This article tries to explain which came first: It shows the problem and how to fix it.

This device is used in mobile radio internal PL boards i. Mitreks, Syntors, Maxar, Moxy, etc. Despite that, this information is valid for any equipment that uses the TRN plug-in tone element. This article also includes a table of normal and inverted DPL codes. They work with real or copycat RIBs. After observing the dismal performance of the stock supply, a better and simpler circuit was designed to improve regulation. Includes load tests run by Eric. Manuals for radios that have model-specific index pages above can be found in their respective areas.

This section has manuals for older or less-popular models as well as a few radios that don't have their own index pages. The first few pages are a quick reference card. The C74MSB series were the base station version of the same radio and this manual will be very useful on those radios as well. The MRTI is a generic name for a line of Mobile Radio Telephone Interconnect units that was made for Motorola by another company - they were essentially a commercial autopatch unit.

The tone remote adapter lets you control a mobile radio at a remote location from a desktop console using high-level guard-tone signalling commonly used with full-size base stations. The 4-channel version can do channel steering, the higher channel count models can NOT. Two of these mobile radios were used in the German MC-Micro repeater, which was redesigned into the MCR repeater which was redesigned into the R repeater. The PT was essentially an HT in a heavy duty plastic lunch-pail style box with a big battery and a half-decent antenna.

DO NOT use both a cigarette lighter cord AND a mag mount at the same time on a negative ground vehicle or you will have an internal meltdown. Broken down into four more manageable parts below. It's stored at our sister-site that can be found here. If anyone wishes to donate additional manual scans or hard-to-get part numbers, let us know.

Lists by part number. If you thought you recalled seeing something on this index page earlier, it might have been moved to this new catch-all page. Anderson, 25 June An affectionate look back in time and some thoughts about the first true fabled walkie-talkie.

More on what would be considered portable radios than handheld radios, but still very interesting. A very interesting web page on the history of Motorola Land Mobile radio Well worth reading - and yes, 33 MHz was once considered to be the ultra-high-frequencies!

What ARE they thinking? Back to the top of the page Back to Home. Logo image used with permission. Trademarked names belong to the owner and no misuse, violation or infringement is intended. All usage on these web pages at this web site is for descriptive or educational purposes. All Rights Reserved, including that of paper and web publication elsewhere. Determining Date of Manufacture from the Serial Number.

These are the hybrid transistor and subminiature tube based high band pack sets the "luggie-talkies" or "hernia talkies".

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