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Joe Bartolucci Associate Creative Director: The District court jury returned a verdict in favor of Powell.

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The Rockets, always hungry for stars, may have some remorse about not chasing Cousins at this price -- though they could not guarantee him a starting spot, perhaps a dealbreaker. Rumors of the Lakers' interest, including in a potential double sign-and-trade flipping Randle and Cousins, were badly overstated, sources say.

Due to Cousins' injury, you are getting only part of that season. You might not get another; there are strict salary limits in re-signing players who change teams on one-year deals. Cousins told Marc Spears of The Undefeated that he had no offers as of Monday morning and had instructed his agent to start calling teams -- including the Warriors. If he wins a ring in the process, well, he never has to hear about that again. He was distraught last season upon missing his first chance at playoff action.

Winning would ease some stress. And so here we are: The Warriors will at some point start five All-Stars. This predictably set off much talk about how they have broken the NBA. Allow me to play turd in the punch bowl: I am not sure how much this really helps the Warriors in the short term, and it doesn't help them at all beyond next season.

And who knows when he will even play, or in what condition. All the excitement surrounding Cousins' return, first in New Orleans and now in Golden State, rushes right past the sad reality that he tore an Achilles tendon. The sample size of players who have recovered to even 80 or 90 percent of their production level after that injury is small. The sample size of such big guys with some prior conditioning issues does not exist.

Optimists suggest he could return as early as December or even late November. Cousins told Spears he expects to be ready for training camp. The Warriors will afford him a longer timeline if need be. It would not be a shock if he doesn't appear in a real game until around Christmas, sources say.

The fit will not be seamless. Cousins has been a divisive, brooding presence in the locker room, and the Warriors endured more turmoil of their own last season than ever before.

By all accounts, Cousins was better in New Orleans, but apparently not beloved enough to draw an actual hard monetary offer that appealed to him. Cousins has played at a fast pace before, first under George Karl and then Alvin Gentry, but even then he was not exactly rushing back on defense. He has rarely sustained the pace Golden State's best lineups prefer. At low points in both Sacramento and New Orleans, he sometimes loafed so badly that you would see nine players on the television screen for an alarming number of consecutive seconds.

He loves to hold the ball and post up for buckets -- things the Warriors do not do. He might exacerbate Golden State's one unshakable bad habit: In something of a point-center role last season, Cousins coughed up five turnovers per game -- the third highest such figure ever for a rotation player.

There are few things that bust a team's integrity more severely than a player who throws bad passes, and then mopes instead of getting back on defense. His effort within half-court defense is inconsistent -- a trait the Warriors have generally not accepted of any core player. He doesn't have the speed or stamina to switch over and over. There is no shame in that.

Cousins can't make the Warriors much better because it is mathematically impossible for a team this good to get much better. But at this price? And there are universes in which the fit is cleaner. For one, Cousins has finally arrived at a team that simply will not, and should not, take any of his crap.

Even at his peak, he is their third-best player, and if I'm building a team to win actual basketball games, I probably take both Green and Thompson over him, depending somewhat on roster context. The Warriors don't need him, and if they don't need him, they do not need to suffer any unpleasantness. Proven champions can tell impolitic newcomers to kindly shut it.

He should help on the defensive glass, an on-again, off-again weakness that was on-again last season, when the Warriors ranked 25th in defensive rebounding rate. He can push the ball himself or, even better, outlet pass the Warriors into fast breaks -- all without lumbering over half court. He can lope into trail 3-pointers or spot up when the Warriors invert the offense. Curry has never had a pick-and-roll big man partner not counting Durant who can punish switches on the block like this.

Passing out of the post and from the elbows is perhaps Cousins' most Warriors-friendly skill. Golden State actually posts up a lot; it averaged It just uses the post as a vehicle to unlock passes instead of back-to-the-basket shots.

Golden State topped all teams in the percentage of post-ups that led to shots for players one pass away, per Second Spectrum data. On an individual level, Warriors comprised six of the league's overall top 10 post players by this measure: Cousins is a good passer from all over the floor, and sometimes a brilliant one. He merits almost automatic double-teams. If he tilts the balance of his game toward quick-hitting passes, he can play within Steve Kerr's system.

Sometimes, he will play outside of it. That's the point of signing DeMarcus Cousins: Imagine the luxury of hitting a lull against those switchy Rockets, with Durant fading away for midrange misses, and just turning to Cousins: A visitor can also customize and save their own yard, which includes clicking and dragging Lowe's items onto the yard as well as fertilizing the grass that'll actually grow if you're spending too much time away from the site.

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