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 · Still, the suggestion that Goldman Sachs, among the most vaunted banks on Wall Street and a frequent target for criticism, would even consider trading Bitcoin would have been viewed as.

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Goldman Sachs' next leader isn't your typical investment banker.

Electronic trading has grown between 77% and 56% across bond asset classes since the introduction of new regulation in the European Union this year.

Many traders earn in the millions. Goldman Sachs shows just how devastating automation can be to traders. In , its U. Today, that operation has two equity traders, with machines doing the rest. And this is before the full brunt of AI has come into play at Goldman. Expect the same to happen on every trading floor at every major financial company.

Much of America is not going to weep for the types of people depicted in The Wolf of Wall Street , yet this new AI reality could be devastating in many ways.

Imagine the impact on high-end real estate in New York. Minevich, though, sees a net positive if AI drives brilliant people out of finance and into, well, almost anything else. About one-third of graduates from the top 10 business schools go into finance. Only a tiny sliver, usually around 5 percent, go into health care. An even smaller percentage go into energy or manufacturing businesses, and you can count on two hands the number who take jobs at nonprofits each year.

Most of the rest of society looks at that and sees selfishness. Yeah, sure, we need liquid markets and financial instruments and all that. Just do something that brings tangible benefits to the masses. Compared with a hedge fund salary, that would be a major lifestyle downgrade.

But at least the traders and quants will have options, which is more than we can say for truck drivers and other workers threatened by AI. Posted by fixglobal December 18, 0. Posted by fixglobal December 11, 0. Posted by fixglobal December 4, 0. By Sanjay Awasthi, Director, Eastspring Investments Increased adoption of OTC derivative technology is giving buy-side traders better pricing and reduced operational risk.

By Markets Media With limited liquidity dispersed across 15 options exchanges, how can institutions most efficiently find the other side of large trades? Posted by fixglobal November 27, 0. Posted by fixglobal November 20, 0. By Terry Flanagan, MarketsMedia Brokers are incorporating tenets of the scientific method into their own pursuits of buying and selling blocks of equity. Posted by fixglobal November 13, 0.

Posted by fixglobal October 16, 0. For the buy-side, multi-asset trading offers the promise of efficiencies, cost savings, and closer alignment with an increasingly interconnected global marketplace. Posted by fixglobal October 9, 0. Algorithmic execution strategies are available for buy-side firms to automate execution in US Treasuries, improving performance and efficiency.

Outsourcing clearing can provide capital efficiency and access to liquidity as well as ensure that brokers are compliant with new regulations and accommodate the latest technologies.

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