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For all of the non-Mongoloid people in India, what steps would you initiate as an individual to stop the racial discrimination faced by the Mo Why are Mongoloids not called Chinese?

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There are more than fascinating tribes in North east India alone who at some point in the history migrated from the neighboring countries of China, Myanmar or Bhutan in search of fertile land, river valleys or to invade. Ask New Question Sign In. Why are some Mongoloid people part of India? Thank you for your feedback! Do the Japanese and the Chinese people know that there was a Mongoloid group of people in India particularly in the North-Eastern part of the What are the advantages of having Mongoloid features in India?

Does the world know people of mongoloids living in India? Does reverse racism against people who have non-mongoloid features occur in North East India? Related Questions Do Punjabis have some Mongoloid features? Your view on people from North Eastern part of India. Why are Mongoloids not called Chinese? Are the native people of India Caucasoid or Mongoloid before the diversity?

For all of the non-Mongoloid people in India, what steps would you initiate as an individual to stop the racial discrimination faced by the Mo Why are Southeast "Asians" considered Mongoloids? Was Gautama Buddha mongoloid? Does Pakistan have a native mongoloid population? Why do Nepalese look mongoloid? Why do the people from other parts of India neglect the North-Eastern people?

He poured himself a cup of pesticide and drank it. His wife found him dead on the stone floor the next morning. Now his body lies underneath a pile of wood that the men and women of Chondha have assembled on a green hill in front of the village.

They have painted his face purple, brought him flowers, rice and coins for his journey into the next world, and wrapped his body in a white sheet. About people have come to attend his cremation.

Their faces are serious. Kubde's is the first case of a farmer taking his life in their village. Some say that if it doesn't rain soon his suicide will not have been the last. Chondha is in Vidarbha, in the middle of India and one of the country's poorest regions.

This year alone, farmers have already killed themselves in Vidarbha. Last year there were more than 1, suicides. Almost all of the men used pesticides, while a few set themselves on fire. The wife of the dead farmer sobs quietly, her body trembling.

Her name is Lalita and she is wearing the orange sari she reserves for special occasions. She is only 30, young and beautiful, but she will remain a widow for the rest of her life. Village rules forbid widows from remarrying. Sagar, the couple's eldest son, is A man helps him hold a burning bundle of straw, which he must use to ignite the funeral pyre. Then the men and women of Chondha walk around the fire, throwing in sticks.

Punjaram Kubde was an important man. He owned 12 hectares 30 acres of land, a large house and a motorcycle. He was 45, a powerful man with a mustache and, like most men here, he was a cotton farmer. He grew a strain known as "Bt cotton," developed by US agricultural chemicals giant Monsanto. According to the farmers in the village, conventional seeds are unavailable these days. No one knows why, but the dealers no longer sell it. Monsanto's genetically modified seed is expensive and a new supply has to be purchased every year.

The seed makes up half of the farmers' production costs. Even worse, if Bt cotton gets too much or too little water, it reacts far more sensitively than normal cotton.

When last year's heavy rains ruined his harvest, Kubde was unable to repay his bank loans, and the banks refused to lend him more money. He went to private moneylenders, who lent him the money he needed for new seed, but this year brought more heavy rains and Kubde lost his crop once again.

In the end he owed half a million rupees and no one was willing to lend him any more money. Unable to liberate himself from his mountain of debt, he would have been forced to become an indentured servant to his creditors. He chose an easier way out. The man who counts the region's dead is named Kishor Tiwari. A former engineer, Tiwari founded his own NGO in the small city of Pandharkawada, where he now has his office.

He spends his days sending out e-mails filled with accusations and numbers. More than 6, farmers have already committed suicide in Vidarbha, he writes, and more than 2 million farmers are in debt. Tiwari reports the news from an India that has nothing to do with the country analysts are touting these days.

About two-thirds of Indians today are still farmers, a number that puts many things in perspective. They live in villages that consist of a handful of tiny mud huts, each containing a sleeping room, a second room for the kitchen and an outdoor latrine. The muddy paths between the huts are littered with cow dung. More than million Indians live in poverty and million are illiterate. In many parts of India, dependent feudal relationships still exist, women and untouchables are oppressed, there are honor killings and the practice of setting widows on fire is still not entirely abolished.

Kishor Tiwari is a cantankerous man wearing polished shoes, black trousers and a white shirt. He has himself driven through the area in a car with a sign in the front window that reads: He sits in the back of his car as it bumps across a street filled with potholes, blaming the liberalization of the agricultural market for the farmers' troubles.

First, he says, the government almost stopped buying up cotton altogether, and then it permitted the importation of cotton and genetically modified seed. The end result was a plunge in the price of cotton.

He talks about Mahatma Gandhi, who founded his village commune Sevagram Ashram in , not far from here. Tiwari says that Gandhi's successors have betrayed him. For Gandhi the village, which is self-sufficient, was the pillar on which this country stands.

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