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Sometimes this involves the complete detachment of a part. This page was last edited on 29 December , at Geschnittene Manschette von der Klingenwurzel bis zur Hälfte der Klinge. There are many different types of fruit dehiscence, that involve different types of structures.

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Sorry, bidding has ended on this item. We have thousands of new lots everyday, start a new search. Dehiscence is the splitting along a built-in line of weakness in a plant structure in order to release its contents, and is common among fruits , anthers and sporangia. Sometimes this involves the complete detachment of a part.

Structures that open in this way are said to be dehiscent. Structures that do not open in this way are called indehiscent , and rely on other mechanisms such as decay or predation to release the contents. A similar process to dehiscence occurs in some flower buds e.

Dehiscence may or may not involve the loss of a structure through the process of abscission. The lost structures are said to be caducous.

Manipulation of dehiscence can improve crop yield since a trait that causes seed dispersal is a disadvantage for farmers whose goal is to collect the seed. Many of the agronomically important plants have been bred for reduced shattering. Explosive dehiscence is a ballistic form of dispersal that flings seeds or spores far from the parent plant. This rapid plant movement can achieve limited dispersal without the assistance of animals.

Another example is Impatiens , whose explosive dehiscence is triggered by being touched, leading it to be called the "touch-me-not. Explosive dehiscence of sporangia is a characteristic of Sphagnum. Septicidal and loculicidal dehiscence may not be completely distinct; in some cases both the septa and the walls of the locules split.

The septa between the locules of Ledum palustre capsules split as the fruit opens, and the seeds are released. The locules of Lagerstroemia capsules split as the fruit opens, and the septa remain intact.

Loculicidal dehiscence in Peganum harmala. A complex form of dehiscence. The calyx of Hibiscus trionum has opened apically to reveal the capsule ovary inside. The capsule has split vertically in the centre, as well as through the locule walls. Dehiscence occurs through breakage of various parts of the enclosing structure; the mechanisms can be classified in various ways, but intermediate forms also occur.

Dehiscence through a small hole pore is referred to as poricidal dehiscence. The pore may have a cover operculate poricidal dehiscense or operculate dehiscence that is referred to as an operculum or it may not inoperculate poricidal dehiscense or inoperculate dehiscence. Poricidal dehiscence occurs in many unrelated organisms, in fruit, causing the release of seeds, and also in the sporangia of many organisms flowering plants, ferns, fungi, slime molds.

Poricidal anthers of various flowers are associated with buzz pollination by insects. Circumscissile dehiscence involves a horizontal opening that causes a lid to separate completely.

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