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I've wondered if they just call it blend because they don't know how much of what type of oil is in there Your name or email address: Dec 2, 1, 0

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A good filter and a smart interval is the key. Good oil is also important obviously, but its dirty oil that kills these motors, specifically the lifters. Anywhere from is a good interval. I am doing mine twice a year since I went make the milage in 6 months. So I change it in the fall and in spring. Yes, I was axing about the 0w20 SuperTech. It's Dexos approved also. Stellar oil analysis reports also. I've no plans to do this with my Silverado; Just saying regards.

Supertech is walmart's brand right? All three oils are excellent motor oils and ANY one can be used in a vehicle which requires either a 0W, 5W or 10W oil as well as in several other engine applications including an engine which recommends a 5W- 20 oil.

This is the same oil used by numerous police vehicles and severe duty fleets nationwide. The extra horsepower and friction reduction from the 0W often assists a race driver in attaining a better starting position. In fact, we know exactly which race teams use it, but cannot disclose that information. This leads to the next topic: The answer is absolutely not! Thicker viscosity oils are not always necessarily better since in addition to its' various engine lubrication functions, an oil must also effectively transfer heat.

Although a vehicle that is recommended to use a 30 weight oil can also use a 40 weight oil, it is usually not needed. You will gain absolutely no benefit from using a thicker viscosity oil if it is not needed. The only time we recommend a 40 weight oil, such as AMS OIL 's 10W , to a customer in a passenger car or light truck application is if the vehicle's engine is excessively worn and consumes oil at a higher than normal rate or if the vehicle is being used for very severe duty, high load, high temperature applications.

When you look at the different Amsoil products, you'll see category descriptions next to them. Look to the right of the 10W40 bottle in this example and you will see a list starting out with the letters API. This will help you determine which oil is compatible with your engine. I took my car in to get the oil changed. Recommended oil is 10w However Walmart used 5w I was told it was ok there wouldn't be any damage to my engine.

I am still Scare to take the car on a long road trip. Reviewed by Mark Pickard: Preferred Customer I am reaching out to get your input on changing which engine oil I use in my vehicles. With the expansion of the Signature Series line over the recent years I have revisited this and am considering a change.

My apologies for the length of this inquiry, but I think it lends perspective by seeing my usage history. I moved from Mobil 1 to Amsoil in and the selection was much different then than now.

At this point all cars I owned or serviced called for 5W and 10W as preferred. Considering that in the Seattle area our winters rarely get below 20 degrees F and the summers rarely exceed 90 degrees F that maybe my best Signature Series product would be the 10W ATM. My personal vehicles all designate 10W as my preferred viscosity. I would describe my driving style as spirited at times. I have had trouble free performance from the AZO, but I am always looking for the best suited product as things always evolve in the product line.

My owners manual for this Volvo penta boat engine suggests 30 weight synthetic, would 10w30 synthetic also work? I have used nothing but Amsoil products in all my vehicles - all the best synthetics when available. A few of my vehicles call for a 5W, one calls for a 5W My twin turbo 3. Would you recommend using the 0W or 5W or 5W for the sake of the Turbochargers? I'd sure appreciate a reply. Do I say with factory spec 5w30 or is there something better? I have 5w30 left from my previous Tacoma 4.

Thanks for this excellent reference. The only thing missing is kinematic viscosity at very low temps. This is very relevant for cold winter starts for us here in Canada. So could you please add kinematic viscosity data at say, c, C, 0C? From what I've read, there may be a large difference between 0W and 5W at very low temps.

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